What happened to the RNC’s corporate sponsors?

Screenshot of Color of Change petition to corporations to "Stop sponsoring Donald Trump"
Screenshot of Color of Change petition to corporations to “Stop sponsoring Donald Trump”

The Color of Change and CREDO are radical left organizations that have made it their mission to aggressively target any and all corporate sponsors of the Republican National Convention, warning them that their brands will be tarnished if they are perceived to support the presumptive nominee.

But in a seeming competition for the “bad behavior award,” the lack of corporate supporters in Cleveland prompted convention organizers to send an embarrassing (and phony) letter to Las Vegas billionaire Sheldon Adelson begging for money to cover costs.

The letter was leaked to the press.

It is unclear who leaked the letter to Politico, which claimed that numerous corporate sponsors backed out due to “negative publicity around our potential nominee.” But Politico found that many of the companies listed never pledged money to support the RNC in the first place. A spokeswoman for the Cleveland 2016 Host Committee, Emily Lauer, “acknowledged to POLITICO that the list of lost donors in the letter to Adelson was inaccurate — and that the committee has now reached out to Adelson’s aides to apologize.”

In sum, organizers of the Republican National Committee attempted to secure a shortfall of millions by blatantly lying to Sheldon Adelson in a letter that was leaked to Politico, who was able to quickly confirm that the companies who “pledged money” and bailed on the convention never pledged money at all. So, despite their support in previous years, corporate sponsors are evidently not interested in funding the potentially violent Republican National Convention this year.

Trump’s campaign chairman and chief strategist, Paul Manafort bizarrely said that Adelson should send $6 million directly to Donald Trump instead of sending it to the RNC.

During an interview on Fox News, Manafort said:

“I’d like to have him bail out — write a check for the Trump campaign for that amount of money,” Manafort said. “That would be good.”

Additionally, an unknown number of companies have “reduced their involvement” or withdrew their support entirely from the upcoming Republican National Convention allegedly after pressure from radical left-wing groups CREDO and Color of Change.

As reported at CNET,

“Using social media, online petitions and calls, the two groups targeted 30 major companies, prompting half to cancel or curtail their participation in the event, where Donald Trump is expected to be named the Republican Party’s presidential candidate.”


CREDO, who gushes that they are “proud” to be “the largest corporate donor to Planned Parenthood,” has given over $81 million to radical leftist groups. On their website, CREDO claims that they are “a social change network of 4 million activists, made possible by the revenues of our mobile phone company, CREDO Mobile.” Some of their beneficiaries include the Center for Constitutional RightsElectronic Frontier Foundation, CREDO’s own “Black Lives Matter” fund, which gives “to groups organizing to end abusive and racist policing,” and Color of Change.

CREDO Banner Dump Trump
CREDO Banner Dump Trump


Color of Change was also involved in petitioning organizations to steer clear of the RNC. They will also “have a presence in Cleveland,” where they will continue to pressure “corporations to reconsider their position at the 11th hour.”

From CNET:

“Any sponsorship of a Trump-led convention will be an endorsement of his hate-filled and racist rhetoric and runs counter to the values of your company,” ColorOfChange wrote in an open letter posted on its website and later mailed to the companies. It asked the companies to reject Trump’s “violently racist, misogynistic and xenophobic rhetoric and immediately cancel your sponsorship of a Trump-led” convention.

“If an employee of any corporation said what Trump says in the workplace, they would be fired,” said Arisha Michelle Hatch, the organization’s political-action director. “It’s not fair of these companies, if they claim they care about diversity and inclusion, to sponsor and amplify and provide a platform for this hateful rhetoric.”

Color of Change was co-founded by the cop-bashing Maoist posing as a CNN political correspondent Van Jones, and was represented at a White House meeting on ‘Police/Community Relations’ last week, despite their initiative to “defund police.”


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