11 thoughts on “Terrorist, Dying America is a Tremendous Opportunity For U.S. Revolution: Bernardine Dohrn

  1. Realize she will be a victim like many of her comrades as has been the case in the past. Americans will not put up with much longer. Those who cause such unrest fall with it. “Those who live by the sword, die by the sword.” They got the HCUA and the Senate Internal Security sub Committee to stop investigating subersive activities in this country. Now these communists and communist front organization have infiltrated every level our society, most of all the government and positions of power. Their targets were the constitution, the churches, the schools, the courts, the government and the family. The military and the police. Debase the dollar. How are they doing. Americans went to sleep when they fell for the downing of the Berlin Wall. The fall of the Soviet Russia. We have become a nation of sheep and turn a bline eye to any situation which does not effect us directly.

  2. Who are these young people working for “Russia Today”? Have our schools taught them NOTHING about the Soviet Union and the KGB and such?

    As for B.D. and her Bill Ayres radical hubby, they have been filling students’ heads full of radical mush for decades. And they are the tip of terrible iceberg.

  3. This woman has no brains whatsoever. Occupiers? Americans? What liars and potheads these radicals are.


  4. Where is the so called “Patriot Act” when you need it? I hope she is on a “watch list” like the 8month old and the 6 year old that were searched by the TSA. I would love to see if she ever gets molested going on a plane. She is one of the reasons why everyone MUST prepare and not look to the government for a handout when EOTWAWKI comes. We all see the clash coming. O has brought more Muslims into the country so not only do we have them and the Mexicans and then the commies against us California will be letting out criminals. If Americans get there act together we will have a good fight on our hands.With countries all having uprisings how could anyone NOT think we are not next? I think they will organize college students ever where to riot in the streets and destroy property and hurt people. These students will not be able to find jobs so SEIU, Soros, and others will probably finance and pay them to riot.

  5. So the terrorist Dorn says let’s revolt. This is hardly news. She’s been screaming ‘revolution’ and ‘kill your parents’ since she was a child. SSDD. Bernardine is the only old white lady TSA should ‘inspect’ before boarding.

    1. “Bernardine is the only White lady TSA should ‘inspect’ before boarding.”

      Yes,but the she-devil is Jewish, and a racist jew,at that.

  6. We already know this very well; the progressives revolution has been in swing for some time, they just need the excuse for them to have the people flee into their arms…and they are trying to set up the muslum faith in America and the world to be the fallguys.

    The Radicals of Islam are doing the same in turn in America, and soon there may be a war of faith here at home depending on how it goes; we need to be protests of peace, and preachers of faith just as the Lord Jesus showed us to do.

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