A Matter Of Principle – A Note From A Constitutional Conservative

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | NoisyRoom.net

Founding Fathers

Many of my readers have noticed that suddenly I am no longer with the USA Transnational Report and that I have departed the Watcher’s Council. I felt I should let you know what is going on and to assure you that I am going nowhere and am in the fight for the long haul.

I’ve spent much of the last couple of weeks mulling over events related to my stance on Donald Trump.

I am appalled at the rancor and abusive tenor of some of the remarks that have come my way, as well as what amounts to slander of the character of a good and decent man, a fighter who has, quite literally, given up everything to save the country he has adopted as his new home – Trevor Loudon. I find this unconscionable.

I really cannot stand idly by as capricious accusations impugn the foremost researcher and subject matter expert on topics relating to communist and socialist subversion and corruption of our system of government, while a vile, unprincipled, arrogant, ego-maniacal narcissist is held up as the nation’s “last best hope” after a campaign devoid of any ethical foundation, fraught with pandering and unironic contradictory promises, espousing positions exactly opposite those he has spent decades and hundreds of thousands of dollars supporting, offering not so much as a pivot point or epiphany to account for his positional gymnastics.

In the beginning, I really wanted to like Trump. I was willing to accept a Trump nomination if it afforded us an opportunity to finally rid ourselves of the brazen, unindicted felon running on a platform largely constructed of “it’s my turn” and promises to eliminate at least two amendments from the Bill of Rights. As much as I wanted a man such as Ted Cruz, whose loyalty was pledged to the Constitution, a man whose vision was a reduction of the D.C. leviathan, a man — the only one in the field — with an actual track record of standing before the Supreme Court and defending that same Bill of Rights, I was willing to accept the Reality TV Ego if he could deliver a victory which did minimal damage to Constitutional principles.

As the campaign wore on and the veneer of civility peeled away, as incitements to violence, along with slander and outright lies became a staple of the bully rhetoric, I found myself struggling increasingly with the compromises needed to accept the man whose ego was as “HUGE!” as his promises to make the “smartest” deals and compel people and nations to comply with his wishes.

Finally, as the mask fell away completely, he chose not just slander, but suborned false witness to be parlayed into outright character assassination of his opponent’s family. And in that moment the amoral monster emerged, and my ability to justify supporting him, at all, was at an end. Winning was all that mattered, and if wrecking a few reputations and leaving a few metaphorical corpses by the wayside was what it took, then the means was justified if it obtained the desired ends.

I cannot, in any conscience at all, support a man who conducts himself in this way. All decency has fled, all civility has crumbled, and all that’s left is the grinning facade of the godfather-in-waiting as he “apologizes” that it was nothing personal, just business, you understand.

And yet, when one of the world’s foremost researchers of the vectors of communist/socialist/fascist corruption and subversion in our government dares make mention of the presumptive nominee’s ties to a hostile regime, the response is open hostility, bordering on threats.

It has become clear that dissenting opinions are also unwelcome in many “conservative” forums and that, in matters of Trump, it is best to fall in line.

I have spent much of the last several days dealing with all manner of logically fallacious arguments why I should abandon my principles and join the Trump Train, ranging from red herrings and straw men to ad hominem and veiled threats. It seems that many have mistaken my allegiance as belonging to the GOP. Let me put that to rest. My allegiance is not to a man, neither to a party. My allegiance is to the Constitution. My allegiance is to Liberty. My allegiance is to what is right and morally/ethically sound.

I do not owe my allegiance to a man or to a party, nor to the victor of a contest fought without honor. Do not presume to tell me what I must do or what I shall do. Do not tell me I am not “conservative” because I do not follow a man who is anything but conservative. One of the fallacious arguments I’ve seen is that I “must help present a unified front” to meet the threat of the Femme Felon in November. Really? I must, must I? Alright, persuade me. Convince me. Make a clear and principled argument. Show me the money.

To date, all I receive are demands, assertions, insults and threats. What utter tripe! Appeal denied. I reject your demands, your assertions, your insults, your threats — veiled or not.

Further, I reject the slander of a man with whom I’ve worked — literally thousands of hours over most of a decade — to expose the external and internal threats to our nation. Trevor Loudon is one of the most honorable and brilliant men I have ever had the honor of knowing.

I find this comportment beyond the pale. I am saddened and angered that I must now decide to endure this travesty so that I might continue to enjoy the company of people for whom I have great fondness and respect, or to sever myself from various groups, risking thereby the loss of such valued associations.

I was therefore compelled to take my leave of both the USA Transnational Report and the Watcher’s Council. For those of you who have provided friendship and camaraderie, reasoned discourse and balanced discussion, opinion and counterpoint with civility, I wish you the best and hope for your prosperity. I would be pleased to continue our association. Above all, I remain a Constitutional Conservative and the Constitution and our founding principles are what I fight for… not the Reality TV of the presidency.

In that spirit, I remain faithfully yours,

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton


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5 thoughts on “A Matter Of Principle – A Note From A Constitutional Conservative

  1. Thank you for sharing.
    I have not listened to USA transnational for some months, knowing the trump bias was there.
    This time is sorting the wheat from the chaff. There is more chaff, but the wheat is more valuable.
    Godspeed in your continued work for the Constitution and the Shining City on the Hill.

  2. I applaud you for standing on your principles! That seems to be in a rarity these days. I firmly believe that TRump is only here to divide the party and facilitate a full take over of the left. There is no way this man is remotely conservative. Hell, he’s not even a RINO. His campaign has managed to turn conservatives into liberals without them even noticing. They are cult like in their adoration. Don’t you DARE point out a FACT that would challenge their fantasy. It’s become so divisive that we’ve had to reorganize our tea party. We are now NOT the tea party. But the Knoxville Conservative Republic. We will advocate for the conservative movement and the REPUBLIC. Country before party. STAND strong and knw you are not alone!

  3. It has to get much worse before it gets better. We are enjoying the end of a robust period and since all of life seems to run in cycles, this one is ending. Karma seems to be dormant, so we must get ready to weather the storm. See you on the other side….

  4. “Rancor and abusive comments”? Yeah, I’ve had my share of those, too. I find it surprising that so many people expect us to compromise our principles on the utilitarian hope that Donald Trump might actually carry through on some of his ever changing promises, and that in the end, he might prove less liberal than Hillary Clinton. His statements on tariffs, trade wars and support for our allies indicate that both our economy and national security would be weakened, if not irreparably harmed by a Trump administration.

    Even the “trump” card that he would save us from liberal Supreme Court justices is belied by his glowing remarks that his pro-abortion sister would make a “phenomenal” Supreme Court justice. With judgement like that, who needs Hillary?

    His track record since “converting” to conservatism is nonexistent. All we have is his word on what he believes and would do, and we have reason to believe he’s less than honest, to put it kindly.

  5. Excellent summary of the dilemma facing all of us. I support Trevor in his research and writings. He is indeed a man of courage and very thorough in his research. I am sorry he is so maligned by those who threaten us to vote for Trump or else. Frankly, we are offered no viable difference between Hillary and Trump…both love money and power, both are liars and believe they are above the law. The only difference is Trump attributes all his actions to “business” while Hillary doesn’t deign to attribute her actions to anything – she just is sure she is ordained to win this election. This country is in for a rude awakening and it will not be pretty.

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