WATCH! Help Trevor expose the #EnemiesWithin!! (video)

Trevor Loudon with Director Judd Saul
Trevor Loudon with Director Judd Saul

People always ask Trevor Loudon what can be done to wake Americans up to the very real dangers of radical elements infiltrating the government. Loudon has written two books to expose these individuals, but now he is taking it further with the hardest hitting political documentary ever to be created.

Trevor and Judd need at least $50,ooo to complete the film by the end of May. To get this vital project out for national release, they need your help! Some of the costs associated with finishing the movie include distribution, advertising and insurance.


Along with film director Judd Saul, Trevor has dedicated his life to creating this movie. Movies are incredibly expensive to make and they need your help to complete the movie.

Watch their plea:

The following is a short preview of the film:

Watch Trevor expose democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders as a hardcore Communist:

The movie is based on Trevor’s book: “THE ENEMIES WITHIN: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress.” If you believe that Americans need to wake up to this very real threat, please help Trevor expose these subversive radicals!


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