WATCH: Funding update for #EnemiesWithin Movie (video)

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Do you think a movie would be a good tool for people to use to show their families and friends about the dangers of radical Islam and Communist penetration in the highest levels of government? Do you often ask yourself, “How can we wake people up?”

As Trevor and film director Judd Saul explained last week, there is a final push to finish the Enemies Within documentary before the presidential elections.

Trevor and Judd need at least $50,000 to complete the film by the end of May! Can you help? Aside from all of the costs that go into film crew, proper equipment and travel to interview the most knowledgeable insiders, some of the biggest costs include advertising, distribution and insurance.

Watch the latest update from Trevor:


Along with film director Judd Saul, Trevor has dedicated his life to creating this movie. Movies are incredibly expensive to make and they need your help to complete the movie.

The following is a short preview of the film:

Watch Trevor expose democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders as a hardcore Communist:

The movie is based on Trevor’s book: “THE ENEMIES WITHIN: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress.” If you believe that Americans need to wake up to this very real threat, please help Trevor expose these subversive radicals!

If you believe this is a worthwhile project, help Trevor release the most hard-hitting political documentary ever made! 


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