Intifada USA? American Radicals Build Ties to “Palestinian” Revolutionaries

2015 could be the worst year for civil unrest in the United States, since the Vietnam War era.

Communists and their Islamic allies are looking to build on 2014’s Ferguson riots, to create major havoc in America this year.

Dream Defenders delegation, Nazareth, January 2015
Dream Defenders delegation, Nazareth, January 2015

In an ominous warning of trouble to come in the first few days of the New Year, a group of mainly Black and Latino American revolutionaries traveled to Israel/”Palestine” to build ties to Arab comrades:

Representatives at the forefront of the movements for Black lives and racial justice took a historic trip to Palestine in early January 2015, to connect with activists living under Israeli occupation.

Dream Defenders, Black Lives Matter, journalists, artists and organizers representing Ferguson, Black Lives Matter, Black Youth Project 100 (BYP100) and more have joined the Dream Defenders for a 10-day trip to the occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel.

The trip came after a year of highly-publicized repression in Ferguson, the Gaza Strip and West Bank, including East Jerusalem, as well as solidarity between these places.

Ahmad Abuznaid, Dream Defenders’ legal and policy director and a co-organizer of the delegation, said that the goal of the trip was to make connections.

“The goals were primarily to allow for the group members to experience and see first-hand the occupation, ethnic cleansing and brutality Israel has levied against Palestinians, but also to build real relationships with those on the ground leading the fight for liberation,” wrote Abuznaid.

“In the spirit of Malcolm X, Angela Davis, Stokely Carmichael and many others, we thought the connections between the African American leadership of the movement in the U.S. and those on the ground in Palestine needed to be reestablished and fortified.”

During the trip, the delegation has met with “refugees, Afro-Palestinians, a family that was kicked out of their house by settlers in East Jerusalem, and organizations representing Palestinian political prisoners, Palestinian citizens of Israel, and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.”

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors said apartheid is what immediately struck her about what she saw on the ground.

“This is an apartheid state. We can’t deny that and if we do deny it we are a part of the Zionist violence. There are two different systems here in occupied Palestine. Two completely different systems. Folks are unable to go to parts of their own country. Folks are barred from their own country.”

“Community Organizer” Cherrell Brown said she saw many parallels between state violence against Palestinians and Black Americans.

“So many parallels exist between how the U.S. polices, incarcerates and perpetuates violence on the Black community and how the Zionist state that exists in Israel perpetuates the same on Palestinians,” Brown said.

“This is not to say there aren’t vast differences and nuances that need to always be named, but our oppressors are literally collaborating together, learning from one another – and as oppressed people we have to do the same,” she said.

“So many parallels exist between how the U.S. polices, incarcerates and perpetuates violence on the Black community and how the Zionist state that exists in Israel perpetuates the same on Palestinians,” Brown said.

Delegates expressed a “desire for Black and American action in support of Palestine.”

“I believe the Black Lives Matter movement can benefit greatly by learning about struggles outside of the U.S., but particularly the Palestinian struggle,” said Patrisse Cullors. “I want this trip to be an example for how Black folks and Arab communities can be in better solidarity with one another.”

Delegate Cherrell Brown made no bones about the underlying ideology of the movement.

“I want us to take back things we can do in the now, as Americans, to raise awareness and action around Palestinian liberation. I want us to reimagine what society could and will look like when we’ve dismantled this white-supremacist patriarchal and capitalist society. I want us to do it together. I want to bring back these conversations and stories in hopes that it will help add to this global struggle to get free.”

The most well known delegate was leading leftist journalist and commentator Marc Lamont Hill, a contributor to HuffPost Live, BET News, and CNN.

Hill was also very blunt about the “revolutionary” purpose of the trip.

From Legal Insurrection:

See the full video here:

I predict, that unless firm action is taken at State and Federal levels, we will see significant radical inspired unrest on America’s streets this year. As the police struggle to contain the trouble, there will be provocations and police will be forced to use force to restore order.

RT (Russia Today) and Al Jazeera will be on hand to film this “police brutality” and American police will be subject to the same inflammatory propaganda that the Israeli Defence Force has had to endure for decades.

The Islamo-Communist Axis means to create chaos and to severely demoralize both Israel and the United States through a campaign of vilification against US and Israeli Defence and Justice systems. They aim to “soften up” both countries by turning them into  self-doubting “pariah” states.

This is way bigger than the also communist dominated Occupy Movement and far more dangerous to national security.

The full list of delegates included five Dream Defenders (Phillip Agnew, Ciara Taylor, Steven Pargett, Sherika Shaw, Ahmad Abuznaid), Tef Poe and Tara Thompson (Ferguson/Hands Up United), journalist Marc Lamont Hill, Cherrell Brown and Carmen Perez (Justice League NYC), Charlene Carruthers (Black Youth Project), poet and artist Aja Monet, Patrisse Cullors (Black Lives Matter) and Maytha Alhassen.

In your opinion readers, is it legitimate for the National Security Agency to be monitoring the communications of these people and others like them? What do you think?


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23 thoughts on “Intifada USA? American Radicals Build Ties to “Palestinian” Revolutionaries

  1. America now divided in two; African-American and European-American; is being divided into three by Latino immigration. As the Muslims establish themselves America will find itself divided into four seperate and conflicting ethnic groups. America as we know it will cease to exist. Unless the European-Americans reassert their dominance. It was immigration from Europe that built the United States of America because, after much effort they were able to create a common culture where everyone was an American. The African-Americans have never been able to integrate into this common culture and have developed their own parallel culture. The Latinos will do the same with their own language and traditions. Muslims are a different case altogether, their culture is so alien and hostile that they are incapable of integrating and unwilling to coexist. They will, as their numbers swell, insist that the rest of America integrates into and submits to Islam. This is what is already happening in Europe, an insidious conquest.

  2. The actual question of today: is Moscow just bluffing with its threats against the West? Or not?.. What do 9/11 and subseqent attacks imply about that?..

    Let’s pray afterwards.

    Initially, everybody thought Hitler was a nasty but still a more/less predictable criminal.

  3. This appears to be another part of the Commie destabilization process described by Soviet defector Yuri Besmenov in the eighties. Almost everything that’s happened societally in the U.S. was outlined in one speech and an interview with G. Edward Griffin, both available on YouTube.

    He even predicted the rise of powerful militant homosexuals (directed by KGB handlers), racial conflict, homegrown terrorism and our general “demoralization” to the point of no longer knowing the difference between right and wrong – or being able to recognize the most basic threats to our survival – paralysis in other words.

    I wonder if Trevor Loudon is familiar with this man’s warnings?

    Here’s Yuri Besmenov’s talk in California 30 years ago:

    1. Thank you Liam Sanders for this contribution to the topic at hand. We are at the destabilization stage described in the video. Very sobering to know this was filmed in the’80’s. I am struck by how alarmingly easy it was/is for this subversion to be implemented.

      Our students must be protected from further inculcation regarding the “virtues” of Marxism, and taught to analyze emotionally manipulative words such as “equality” and “fairness”. As parents we need to stop paying exorbitant tuition for the propaganda that is disguised as education.

      1. Agreed. Equality and fairness are loaded words used to beat down traditional conservatism. But we have beat down arguments as well, if we’d only use them.

        One of my favorites is just telling youngsters that the Left killed about 170 million people in the Twentieth Century. It’s all documented in University of Hawaii professor R. J. Rummel’s exhaustively and painfully documented work “Death by Government”.

        This is strictly government murder (Rummel calls it “democide” – there are no war deaths included. It does include fascistic genocide but remember they’re leftists too — the word Nazi, of course, being a contraction of National Socialists. Even if you take out the so-called “right wing” killings of Hitler and Tojo, you’re still looking at the majority of the mass murders — way over 120 million — coming from Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot and other Communists.

        When’s the last time limited government proponents slaughtered anyone? The Republican Party’s platform and ideological trajectory is at least nominally toward less power concentration while the nearly Communist Democrats are careening into totalitarianism. Why is this so hard for people to see? And why don’t they fear it? Because most are historical illiterates who have no idea that 170 million people were killed by their governments in the Twentieth century. It’s a great Leftist deflator. Try it out…

        1. Please elaborate on why Hitler & Tojo are considered ‘right wing’? Or suggest some reading, for I refute this notion all the time, but need substantive backup.

          1. I’ll give it a try: First, the only serious difference between the Fascism of Hitler and Tojo, on the one hand, and the Communism of Mao and Stalin on the other is that the former two shared a virulent racist ideology. Also, most traditional conservatives are strong on “law and order” and this is twisted by the Left into “Fascism” as a way to attack and weaken our decentralized police force — as if they are the reincarnation of Hitler’s Brown Shirts.

            However, any broad political classification would correctly identify both Fascism and Communism as totalitarian, sharing the total centralization of political power (i.e. total government). As such, they both occupy the extreme left side of the true political power spectrum.

            Granted, the Left pulled some clever intellectual sleight-of-hand by labeling the Nazis’s and Fascists “right wing”, even though the only reason they are a tad to the right of Stalin’s Communism is that the Nazi Fascists didn’t technically own the means of production — they just completely controlled it.

            Thanks to this Left-serving mythology, it’s not widely known that Hitler was an admitted socialist and the term “Nazi” is, in fact, a contraction of “National Socialism”.

            The reason they can get away with all this trickery is because most people never envision the complete political spectrum, which has Anarchy (no government) on the Far Right and Libertarianism, the Founder’s limited-government, constitutional Republicanism and Conservatism just short jogs to the left of Anarchy. One has to travel far leftward past the Moderates, American Liberalism and Euroweenie Socialism before we arrive at Fascism and Communism on the Far Left. [More on this here:

  4. These fomenters of Constitutional overthrow are another form of jihad against the citizens of this nation. Of course they should be monitored and if arrested causing trouble,they should be prosecuted under sedition laws and jailed for years not days!!

  5. …. occupied “Palestinian” Territories ….

    Think they mean “Palestinian”-occupied Judea, The Shomron and Gaza. Where Jordanian, Lebanese, Egyptian, Saudi, Iraqi, Syrian, Yemeni, Syrian and every other kind of moslem Arab and his goat squat. And have for a short while called themselves “Palestinians.

    While they wait for their last, best, only hope: That Ms Caroline Glick’s One-State Solution to be adapted!

    Brian Richard Allen

  6. I see the Days of Rage club has added to their membership; those who wallow in anger, resentment and blame, addicted to their grievances, will remain as emotional 2-year-olds, no matter their chronological age.

    I see this assemblage as very useful idiots indeed for the most vicious cultist “leaders” whom they slavishly serve.

    I pray for the darkness to be lifted, that they may both Forgive and Be Forgiven, so this infantile narcissism may be defeated under God’s Almighty Hand.

  7. Very interesting. Amounting domestic pressure might also make the US losing the outside wars – as it already has happened before. That’s probably why the old red goose Angela D. back on the stage again (with a nostalgia for the USSR as she herself has put it)?.. While some people have in the meantime been jumping with prediction Mr. Putin has no chances at all…

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