WATCH ‘Sanctuary:’ Pro-Cruz SuperPac ad PULLED in South Carolina (video)

Marco Rubio via Conservative Review
Marco Rubio via Conservative Review

A television ad created by the pro-Cruz Stand for Truth PAC was pulled from stations in South Carolina for unclear reasons after a “legal review.”

The New York Times reported Monday:

“The ad, titled ‘Sanctuary,’ was a version of an ad the group ran in Iowa, criticizing Marco Rubio for his record on immigration. It used the December attacks on San Bernardino, Calif., to stoke fear of terrorists sneaking into the country illegally, and cited the immigration deal Mr. Rubio pushed for in Congress in 2013 as evidence he worked to ‘allow sanctuary cities.'”

Although the video below is titled “Sanctuary” and was found at the YouTube website for the Stand for Truth SuperPac, this version does not mention San Bernardino specifically.

The reason for pulling the ad was unclear:

“We had our legal folks review it, and it was decided that this needed to be pulled and substituted,” Randy Ingram, the general manager of WBTW in Myrtle Beach, S.C., said, although he couldn’t recall the specifics of the legal team’s decision.”

It is unlikely a bit bizarre that the interviewee had no idea why the ad was pulled.

Another ad from the same SuperPac, titled “Threats” was highlighted at the Washington Post and does incorporate imagery from San Bernadino, making it more likely that the video found at this link is the actual video that was pulled in South Carolina.

CNN, however, also reported that “Sanctuary” was the video pulled and gave more information as to why there was a legal review:

“Randy Ingram, the general manager for WBTW, the CBS affiliate in Myrtle Beach, said the company received a cease-and-desist order and that Media General, which also operates a CBS and NBC affiliate in the Upstate and Charleston areas, decided to honor it.

‘I’m not sure why legal decides we run something different,’ Ingram said, declining to say who specifically had requested the ad be pulled. He said Stand for Truth replaced ‘Sanctuary’ with a different spot in its advertising rotation.

If anyone can confirm that this is (or is not) the correct ad that was pulled in South Carolina, please let us know.



See another ad by the pac released 3 days ago:


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