#LoudonClear: Special Guest Manny Roman on Iowa Caucus and Ted Cruz

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On this week’s episode of LoudonClear, Trevor, Sparky and special guest Manny Roman discuss Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s historic win in Iowa. Ted Cruz, who captured the most-ever-recorded votes for any one caucus in the state, was victorious despite a daily pounding from the GOP establishment and the mainstream media.

Roman defied the GOP establishment in December by endorsing Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz in a letter to the Editor published in the Miami Herald.

As reported previously at TrevorLoudon.com,

Roman’s act of defiance led party chief Nelson Diaz, who has worked with Marco Rubio (and even donated to Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Shultz) to call for Roman’s resignation, saying the endorsement “violated a Republican Party of Florida rule that prohibits GOP officers from endorsing one Republican over another.”

Manny Roman wrote an editorial published at Fox News Latino on Monday titled “Ted Cruz will dominate the Hispanic vote.” Roman writes in part:

Ted Cruz has consistently stood with the millions of conservatives who passionately defend the rule of law and understand that a weak immigration system that rewards rule-breakers, does not only threaten our national security, but runs counter to American values. His principled position AGAINST amnesty, unlike that of my home-town senator – Rubio, has not only earned Cruz the respect of millions of Americans, but will also lead to him dominating the Hispanic vote in 2016.

Trevor and Sparky also discussed the “Haka.” Trevor and Sparky promised to do the Haka – in traditional clothes – if Ted Cruz wins the presidency, right at the White House!

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