Justice Scalia Found Dead Days After Supremes Block Global Climate Agenda

By: Dan Lyman | Western Free Press

Antonin Scalia

The most conservative, Constitutionally-adherent Supreme Court Justice has passed away, in his sleep, after a night of celebratory festivities, during a hunting trip in West Texas. He was pronounced dead of natural cases, over the phone, by a justice of the peace, who had not seen or examined Atonin Scalia, and who deemed that an autopsy was unnecessary. His body was raced to an El Paso funeral home and immediately embalmed.

Let’s be purely objective: at 79-years-old, he was the longest-serving Justice. He was overweight. It is being reported that he died of a heart attack. Or ‘natural causes.’ They stillhaven’t officially decided. But, of course – no autopsy needed.

Let’s also not be complacently naive: Scalia was the Supreme Court’s staunchest opponent to the progressive agenda. He demolished last summer’s gay marriage ruling in a scathing 9-page dissent, admonishing the court for trampling individual states’ rights and its non-representative make-up, stating –

“Take, for example, this Court, which consists of only nine men and women, all of them successful lawyers who studied at Harvard or Yale Law School. Four of the nine are natives of New York City. Eight of them grew up in east-and west-coast States. Only one hails from the vast expanse in-between.”

One need only examine how the ultra-liberal Los Angeles Times derisively covered Scalia’s passing to understand the enmity with which anti-constitutional progressives viewed him.

“…inside the court, his rigid style of conservatism and derisive jabs directed at his colleagues limited his effectiveness. Scalia himself seemed to relish the role of the angry dissenter.

As a justice, he was the leading advocate for interpreting the Constitution by its original words and meaning, and not in line with contemporary thinking. He said he liked a ‘dead Constitution,’ not a ‘living’ one that evolves with the times.”

Take a moment to ingest first-hour reactions to the news, from some of the most remorseless creatures in our society, as chronicled at Breitbart News. The jackals are licking their chops, calling for Obama to appointment a replacement of their liking immediately. Perhaps it will be an Indian-born Hindu named Sri Srinivassan.

The CIA’s Secret Heart Attack Gun

It should not be overlooked that Barack Obama’s climate change agenda, in direct collusion with the United Nations’ recent COP 21 agreements in Paris, was blocked in a 5-4 vote by the Supreme Court – just a few days ago.

The Hill previously reported on the Supremes’ decision in succinct terms that clearly define its importance to the Obama cabal, United Nations, and two biggest ‘global warming’ liars in the presidential race.

“The court granted the request in a 5-4 vote on Tuesday night, saying the rule was on hold until the circuit court reviews it and Supreme Court appeals are exhausted. The court’s four liberal justices dissented from the decision.

The rule — the Clean Power Plan — is the main plank of Obama’s climate change agenda. It’s designed to cut carbon pollution from the electricity sector by 32 percent over 2005 levels by 2030 by assigning states individual reduction targets based on their energy mix.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said in a statement that the administration disagrees with the order, but ‘we remain confident that we will prevail’ when the rule is argued on its merits.

A senior administration official downplayed the decision, calling it ‘a temporary procedural determination that does nothing to affect first our confidence in the legal soundness of this rule.’ Another official said the White House is ‘very surprised’ by the decision, but has ‘complete confidence that the rule is lawful.’

The stay means Obama will likely leave office with the fate of his premier climate policy undecided.

The circuit court plans to hear arguments on the rule in June, meaning the Supreme Court probably won’t get a chance to hear or rule on the regulation until after Obama’s term ends in January.

It also elevates the Clean Power Plan’s status as a major issue in the presidential election.

Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have pledged to protect the rule — and expand on Obama’s climate work — if elected in November, while Republican candidates have been openly hostile to both the power plant rule and federal climate regulations in general.

Obama, bullish on the rule’s legality in the face of certain lawsuits, took the plan with him to Paris last year for a major climate conference focused on carbon reduction. The Clean Power Plan is the centerpiece of the American commitment to the agreement reached there.”

It has become flagrantly apparent that the Obama administration is a coterie of gangsters and criminals of the highest, most sophisticated degree. It would be foolish to blindly accept the illogical, bizarre, and highly suspicious story that is being fed to us about this tragedy, without a healthy dose of forthright, critical thought – free of cognitive dissonance. We the People have just suffered acute damage to the last lines of defense of our Constitutionally-guaranteed rights

We’ve all looked to Obama’s ‘final’ year in the White House with trepidation, wondering what extreme stunts he would pull – why should we rule anything out? Let’s not be complacent at this pivotal moment in our nation’s future. Hitler’s ‘Night of the Long Knives’ just happened to be a more ‘public’ and comprehensive elimination of dissent.

May the Honorable Justice Antonin Scalia rest in peace, and prayers and healing be with his family at this time.


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11 thoughts on “Justice Scalia Found Dead Days After Supremes Block Global Climate Agenda

  1. Interesting about the power plant legislation. Just a shame more people don’t know about the links between the climate change scam, the energy scam and what really happened on 911. However, the curious and non-trollish types (all too few in my opinion) now have a chance to learn about this, if they can navigate their way through all the junk. http://www.irrefutable.tv

  2. CIA heart attack is what it was. Heart attack gun only leaves minute red dot.

    Remember the ‘nuclear option?’ Karma is a cruel mistress…” Reid helped change the rules to allow for a simple majority to approve nominees who had been filibustered. Now, a simple filibuster can approve or, in the case of Scalia’s replacement, disapprove of any Obama nominee.

    The actor, James Woods,tweeted “This could not be simpler: absolutely do not confirm an #Obama SCOTUS nominee. Don’t discuss it; just ignore him, as he does the law.” “He can name whomever he wishes. The Senate can likewise not approve. That is the Constitution. #NoRevisionism.” He essentially echoed Scalia’s constitutionalist positions and intimated the next replacement could very well lead to

    1. In the cases of Andrew Brietbart and Sheriff Larry Dever, both very effective against the Obama admin. policies, were by themselves (which hardly ever happened) when they mysteriously died. As well their autopsies had all kinds of discrepancies and suspicious activities surrounding them. Now we have a Justice having the same thing happen to him and was Obama and his globalist master’s worst nightmare for getting their policies thru.

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  4. Obama was quoted on the day of the death of Scalia, he would nominate a replacement. Has this man Obama no dignity? He’s the president of the United States, whose first thought and statement should be a heart-felt condolence to the family, fellow citizens, and the country, and then AFTER a burial attend to the official duty. This Obama is a cold, calculated, heartless individual.

    1. Stephen, you are so right and I am duly chastised. This article could have waited for promotion until after the burial, as well. Thank you for the reminder.

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