VIDEO: Steve Deace calls out ‘conservative apologists’ for Donald Trump

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Popular talk show host Steve Deace wrote an eye-opening piece at the Conservative Review on Donald Trump’s not-so-conservative positions from the not-so-distant past.

Deace charges:

“Trump was a typical New York City liberal back in 1999, and he’s still a typical New York City liberal now. That’s why Trump’s campaign has empty platitudes instead of substance, and has to resort to the same smear tactics as the Left – because Trump can’t win a real debate on the issues.”

Calling out the “conservative apologists” for Trump, Deace explains that the famous 1999 interview (see below) with the late Tim Russert is not the only example of Trump’s (recent) progressive positions on issues such as abortion, religious liberty, the Iran Deal, Israel, amnesty, Supreme Court appointees, and more.

Deace sources every claim and presents a compelling case that Trump is willing to play both sides of the fence.



Author: renee nal

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