22 thoughts on ““Invasion” Must See New Ted Cruz Ad

  1. Hi Kauf, the biggest “crrossover” prize is the 50 million plus evangeligal Christians who dont vote. Who do you think has the best chance of winning that sector? Trump or cruz? I dont think there’s much question of that. The Iowa caucuses a few weeks away will give us a good indication of that. I think Ted will win them, do very well in NH and win SC. What do you think?. If Trump wins i will back him, but i dont think that will happen.

    1. Hi there!
      First of all, you’re a very persuasive speaker, yourself!

      I agree that Cruz has the advantage of Evangelical Christians.
      I don’t that THAT many will turn out in enough states (granted, Iowa) to make the difference for Cruz.

      Like you, if Cruz wins, I will back him, but I highly doubt that will happen.

      Though they are both a “risk” in their own ways, we on the Right are *blessed* to have such a “problem” (/s) to pick between these two this time around!

      1. Agree if you mean Trump and Cruz. I always thought a Trump/Cruz ticket would be the best foot forward. But that ended when Cruz’s may not qualify to be President.

  2. Yeah, yeah, nice ad. Funny. Ha ha.
    MUCH better than that wimpy Mr. Rogers-on-a-sofa one.

    Still, I find Cruz has NO “fire in the belly”,
    and has had none in the last 6 months.
    He’s a debater, a very capable pleader…when we need a fighter.
    A fighter who will WIN.

    I remember hearing Trevor while he was going around the country,
    saying how inportant it was for those on the Right
    to coalesce around one candidate by the end of 2015.

    Well – look around – THAT’S DONALD TRUMP.
    He has amazing crossover appeal to Blacks, Hispanics and DEMOCRATS.

    I *can* see Cruz on the Supreme Court…NOT in the White House.

  3. A wall alone will not stop the invasion. The website I posted includes a photo of many people climbing over a wall that has already been built.

    A wall plus armed U.S. soldiers, deployed to border locations where surveillance information shows large numbers of potential border-crossers, will force the invaders to retreat.

    The website I posted also shows a method of sending large numbers of illegals from their prison cells to the border in hours.

    @TedCruz and @SenTedCruz have followed my Twitter account for a year and a half. I am grateful, and I will vote for him.

    1. What is up with some (NOT ALL) Trump supporters? If Trump put out a good ad, I am sure a.) it would be posted here as well and b.) Cruz supporters would not come and bully Trump supporters.

      How about we come together against the communists imposing these awful policies on America?

      1. Hey Renee!
        How about we come together around one candidate – just like Trevor Loudon suggested while going around America giving speeches – by the end of 2015?!?

        It sure looks like DONALD TRUMP to me!

        AND: it’s not just Republicans,
        but Blacks, Hispanics and DEMOCRATS
        who are drawn to him!

    2. Perhaps your right on the wall. I don’t think we’ll get one anytime soon being it hinges on Mexico paying for it according to Trump.

      1. One of the numerous ways suggested has been to add a surcharge to every cash transfer from the USA sent to Mexico. You DO realize BILLIONS are being sent every year, right?!

    3. That is absolutely not true about Trump. Ted Cruz ran on this platform when he ran for Senate. He was talking about securing the boarder when Trump was still trying to figure out how to “appeal” to the Tea Party since he has always been a liberal. You Trump supporters are so blind you have no idea that all of Trump’s positions he has borrowed from others. It is telling when he is asked specifics and he has no answers.

  4. The real story out in Oregon is not only what happened to the Hammond’s and the loss of their ranch and livelihood at the hands of a Federal Agency (BLM), but the same thing is going to happen to over 400 ranchers in the eastern edge of Oregon in the Owyhee Canyon-lands. https://wlj.net/article-permalink-12184.html At issue here are the leases for grazing lands that make the ranches viable operations. There are 400 ranches in the proposed Monument Area. They need only look a 100 miles to the west and see what happened to the Hammond’s.

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