TRUMP CAMPAIGN CHIEF/LOBBYIST MANAFORT: Yeah, We’re Secretly Working With Mitch McConnell

Doug Ross @ Journal

Paul Manafort is the new head of Donald Trump’s campaign. A longtime Washington insider and heavy duty lobbyist for third world dictators, Manafort appeared this morning on Fox News Sunday and inadvertently let slip some revealing truths.

MANAFORT: …What we’re trying to do right now is work with the Mitch McConnells who we didn’t depose in Kentucky even though he won the election and we worked with him to put a unity slate together. We’re trying to bring the party together. That’s what —

WALLACE: Wait, because I think this is interesting. You’re saying that you’re working with the Senate majority leader, who to a lot of the grassroots is a symbol of the problem?

MANAFORT: We’re working with party officials and that was an example on Saturday where we could have — we won the state. We could have gone in there and tried to be disruptive as Cruz does in these states.

Manafort’s lobbying firm has been termed “the torturer’s lobby”, having represented Filipino dictator Marcos, Angolan guerrilla leader Jonas Savimbi, ousted Ukrainian president and Putin ally Victor Yanukovych, to name but a few.

Yes, Donald Trump would be vastly superior to Hillary Clinton, because a malfunctioning pencil sharpener would be vastly superior to Hillary Clinton.

But anyone expecting Trump to fight the McConnells and Ryans and the Chamber of Commerce is going to sorely disappointed. Trump has surrounded himself with Beltway cronies, lobbyists and insiders. He is a longtime Democrat and liberal.

That is what he is and will always be. Caveat emptor.

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14 thoughts on “TRUMP CAMPAIGN CHIEF/LOBBYIST MANAFORT: Yeah, We’re Secretly Working With Mitch McConnell

  1. You’re so wrong. Trump is no Liberal and never has been one. Read his books and watch his interviews since 1988. Listen to his speeches and stop parroting the Cruz line.

    1. You are the one with blinders on. How can you sit there and type such a garbage lie as that and then attempt to call Cruz a liar? There is just no explaining the stupidity of Branch Trumpvidians. Go back to the Dem party where you belong.

    2. Read his book where he talks about an assault weapons ban you mean? That is a pretty liberal position. Watch the interview where he says he is pro abortion because of his New York values? That is pretty liberal and he still holds a more liberal position on abortion than most republicans because he seems to think if the baby is caused by rape or incest it deserves to die. Those are not conservative positions. Trump was and is a liberal. Tariffs and trade wars are not conservative positions. Those positions will only damage our economy. Trump was against Romney’s self deportation plan saying it was mean spirited and Republicans had to reach out to hispanics. Pretty liberal position.

      1. “Tariffs and trade wars are not conservative positions.”

        Wow. That is not the case, free trade has always been the platform of Communists, Socialists and Leftists.

        The real Republican Party of the United States rejected free trade from the 1850s until 1971 and pursued balanced trade and import tariffs that financed the US government and created our manufacturing sector, why we had no Federal Income Tax until the Leftist Woodrow Wilson reduced the 110 year old import tariffs to 10% and had to create the IRS to make up the revenue shortfall.

        We are in a trade war with Red China [300% import tariffs vs US 1.5% and a 350 Billion Dollar per year trade deficit], along with trade deficits with other nations totaling 11 Trillion Dollars in deficit over the last 20 years, alone.

        The US has been losing a trade war for 45 years.

        Look for yourself and do some basic study, start with Henry Clay:

    3. Obviously you don’t watch much TV, all the things that Trump has said have come from dated interviews. The man was very pro-choice, for partial birth abortions, then suddenly he changed to run Republican. We won’t know that he voted for Jimmy Carter or all the other liberals unless he told us. Why in the world would you vote for John Kerry if you weren’t a liberal?

    4. #NEVERTUPEETRUMP . Most true Conservatives would dream of voting for foul mouthed Trump. He is so ignorant and only talks like a school yard Bully. Can’t imagine how fast he would have us in a world war with his Trumpertantrums !!!

    5. Donald Trump is NOT A CONSERVATIVE. He has contributed to all his liberal democrat friends. He said that Hillary made a good Secretary of State, and he also praise John Kerry. He was pro-abortion for a long long time and now does not care about trasgender people using any bathrooms. He has made his millions bribing others and used illegals to pay him less money to build his towers and golf courses.

    6. I have read parts of his book and read that he thinks the republicans walk the NRA line. He also said that there wasn’t much behind Ronald Reagan smile although now he says he was a great president.

      He also has been pro life/pro choice, for eminent domain, for keeping federal lands in the hands of the government, for common core (as stated at a New Hampshire rally), wants to raise taxes on the “rich”, wants to deport all illegals and then fast track them all back in (instead of just amnesty but now really expensive amnesty).

      These do not sound like conservative positions to me. By the way what happened to all that money he raised for the vets? Last I heard the draft dodging orange dude has not paid up and $6,000,000 is unaccounted for.

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