2 thoughts on “Thanks for your help with “Enemies Within” Indiegogo appeal

  1. Yes, I am desperately awaiting the film release, and I will do my share by promoting the film on line, on the phone, as well as in the theaters in my State once it is available.
    The people, (We the people), all of us must know (get educated) that the White House and all of Congress is operating on their own without concerns for the Constitution of the United States. The framers put the Constitution in place for this one reason, so that those that want to corrupt and take down America do not get away with that. Now that the 2016 Election is fast approaching, we need this movie out there quickly to reach as many folks as possible.
    With our debt ceiling being in the double-digit trillions, and more and more people receiving government subsidies, or those unemployed, the next bunch of eligible candidates must be for the people and for America. Candidates that are running have set up their own interests and talking points, and are not holding to the promises they are making.
    Thank you Trevor and your team for taking the initiative to get the information correct on the thugs in Washington that think they can cleverly take over the White House, and take down America.
    God bless America….the last foothold

  2. Conheci seu trabalho através da “a agenda” e estou feliz em ver que há espaço para combater, ainda!
    Espero poder colher muito aqui, para semear.
    Desde já agradeço o espaço,atenção e parabenizo-o pelo trabalho!

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