Cruz: ‘We Are Reliving Munich in 1938 Under the Obama Administration’
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“We have seen over the last six years, [the Obama] administration has been the most antagonistic administration in the history of this country to the nation of Israel,” said presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) Sunday to a gathering at the Londonderry Fish & Game Club in New Hampshire.

“This President has actively undermined the nation of Israel,” said Cruz. “The president boycotted Prime Minister Netanyahu’s recent speech, which I have to tell you, the adjective that is most frequently applied to it was ‘Churchillian.’”

Netanyahu’s speech “had a clarity, a moral gravity, a recognition of the threat that is coming from Iran, a nuclear Iran, and I believe we are reliving Munich in 1938 under the Obama administration with this misguided policy,” said Cruz.

Cruz cited his own strong support for the nation of Israel and contrasted it with Obama’s.

“I have endeavored to lead the fight and stand with Israel,” he said.

“I know you stand with Israel 100%,” asked a member of the crowd. “So how do we get to peace over there – do we need more settlements?”

“I think we need to stand unapologetically and unequivocally with the nation of Israel,” answered Cruz to applause from the crowd, before launching into his criticism of Obama’s policies, without answering the question of settlements.


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