Rockin’ With the Communist Party

Communist Party USA supporters burn up the dance floor in Chicago’s Unity Center, at a May 19th People’s World Party potluck and fundraiser, celebrating international labor solidarity and the fight for immigrant rights.

If I didn’t know better, I wouldn’t much worry about these people.


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5 thoughts on “Rockin’ With the Communist Party

    1. I should also point out, first they are learning a chinese folk dance – wonder where they learned that? The line dance follows- and what exactly is wrong with learning American folk dances? Or Irish folk dances? Or Jewish folk dances?

  1. Let’s see, “…celebrating international labor solidarity and the fight for immigrant rights.”

    1)Does this mean that “international labor solidarity” is an established condition and is being celebrated as one might celebrate Easter or Martin Luther King Day? If it is established, then for what purpose would they need to raise money? If it’s not an established condition, then don’t label it as “solidarity” – but as “organizing for solidarity”.

    2)A commonly understood antonym of “immigrant” is “citizen”. A commonly used synonym for “immigrant” is “settler”. So, doesn’t “celebrating…the fight for immigrant rights” actually mean “celebrating …the fight for “non-citizen settler” rights? And if this is correct, then couldn’t anyone entering this country from abroad fall into the category of “non-citizen settler”? And finally, doesn’t that mean the distinction between citizen and non-citizen is artificial and should be abandoned? Which of course leads directly to the dismantling of the US Immigration and Naturalization Service and all other related government agencies?

    Sounds to me as though our rockin’ commie comrades are advocating smaller government! Now we all know THAT isn’t possible, so maybe they’re just raising cash for next year’s May Day parade.

  2. Ah, the Democrat Party base rocking out. Sure this wasn’t a group exercise session at the Mental Institution?

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