Agenda 21 Research: Long-Sought Control of Natural Resources and Minds Through Socialism, Marxism, Communism

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I have a wonderfully informative slide presentation for you that documents just about everything you didn’t know about Agenda 21 and “Sustainable Development,” and confirms everything you do know about Agenda 21 and “Sustainable Development.” It is detailed, yet easy to read and understand, and should be a handy tool in your arsenal against the long-sought control of our natural resources and our minds. If you have friends or contacts in your city government or schools, please consider sharing this presentation with them. I have outlined a few points to demonstrate the depth of the material. See information about the author below.

Crimes against humanity are being executed, right here, right now, in your state and city. Click here, and then click through the slides at your own pace.

In the slide presentation you’ll find:

1) A “Time Line” starting in 1840. Connections to the University of Chicago, Columbia University and the University of Wisconsin, and an early text book that may have schooled Saul Alinsky.

2) The Federal Reserve and the Carnegie Foundation getting involved.

3) Shocking ties to the Supreme Court and early communist influence on American jurisprudence.

4) A three-time Prime Minister of Norway, at the same time Vice President of the World Socialist Party, later Director of the World Health Organization, who pushed the agenda forward.

5) Remember Oil for Food and the Saddam Hussein connection? A reminder of a “sustainability” tie.

6) Creating Crisis, Reinventing Government and Removing Rights; Our Common Future

7) The Earth Charter — The Fine Print; New World Religion

8) Communism, morality and language

9) Pre-Engineered Solutions to the Non-Crisis by the Designers Waiting for the Right Moment

Author’s note: This single step, unseen or heard by citizens, radically changed the Federal Agencies available actions toward oppression of citizens of the United States. As well, President Obama has written some 113 Executive orders, may directly threaten citizen safety and constitutional rights.

10) Packaging the crisis for Public Acceptance — The National Earth Charter — private statements: “Christianity is our foe….”

11) Crisis claims stated in public by the designers of Agenda 21

12) Driving the crisis – “No matter if the science of global warming is phony”…(who said that?), “The Data doesn’t matter”…(who said that?), “Global Sustainability requires the deliberate quest of poverty”…(who said that?).

13) Oregon: The use of philanthropic organizations to achieve global political and economic structure started in 1908.

14) Agenda 21, public statements on “Social Justice.”

15) Marxism: Social Equity, Collectivism, Repression of Society, Redistribution and Eugenics

16) Agenda 21 targets ski runs, livestock, floor tiles, golf courses, pipelines and much more.

17) The global economy will be run by a World Central Agency (dictators). Just one mission, collapse the global economy. Make it as bad, and as long as it has to be to gain compliance.

18) J. Edgar Hoover on Communism

To begin the presentation, click here.

The author, Lt. Robert K. Powell, Jr. is retired military. His ancestors came to America due to persecution in 1681 with William Penn. After the military, his work as an analyst, and his oath and dedication to his country, his wife, children and nine grandchildren led him to research the deep tentacles of Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development. (All rights to this material belong to Robert K. Powell and are linked here at his request and with his permission).

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