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Every week on Monday morning, the Council and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum with short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture or daily living. This week’s question: Will Hillary Clinton Still Be The Democrat Nominee?

Don Surber: No. She is Pig Pen in the Peanuts comic strip of politics. Everywhere she goes, dirt. Dirt and flies. The Democrats may float Mike Dukakis’ name next.

The Razor: I hope so, but I suspect she won’t be. It would be a Democrat’s worst nightmare if she prevailed through this mess and faced a competent Republican candidate. Of course, that last part assumes a lot right now from the Stupid Party. But I’m getting that uncomfortable feeling I get when I watch a comedian bombing on stage, or when I pass an accident on the road and struggle not to look. Her candidacy is looking increasingly like a slow-motion train wreck and I’m simply amazed at how arrogant, narcissistic and just plain stupid she is. Were all the smart people Bill’s friends?

I honestly hope that by Election Day 2016 she’ll be in jail. She clearly deserves it.

The Independent Sentinel: She will either be a candidate or indicted. That’s the USA today!

Since I don’t think the FBI will do anything substantive, she will be the candidate.

It’s the GOPs election to lose and lose they might very well do so.

JoshuaPundit: I think it depends on several factors, some of which I went over here.

The dislike between the Obamas and the  Clintons is palpable and personal. But beyond that, Obama considers the Clintons – believe it or not – too conservative to lead the ulta-Left prog fascist party he envisions having significant influence over even after he’s out of the White House. And much of the base agrees with him, egged on by the Soros media machine.

So here’s the first basic thing to consider. The FBI and the Inspector Generals work for Barack Obama, and if he didn’t want this e-mail controversy to surface and continue to fester, it wouldn’t have. So the first question is how far he’s willing and able to take this…far enough to knock Mrs. Clinton out of the box for the nomination but not far enough to where she feels threatened enough to have her lawyer call up someone like Benghazi chairman Trey Gowdy  and other committee heads and start talking deal in exchange for immunity and her testimony on certain matters  the Obama regime would rather weren’t made public. Mrs. Clinton is not without weapons of her own. This could end with a fine and a temporary rescinding of her security clearance, as it did with the Clinton’s creature Sandy Burger.

The second thing to consider is the nature of the Democrat field. Mrs. Clinton has raised more money than all the others combined. She also has the best organization, including Clintonistas scattered throughout the media. After which she can say “I made an honest mistake and I paid for it. Now let’s talk about amnesty and reparations and the fact I’m a woman!”

While Socialist Bernie Sanders has been making some noise, he is still a Jew by birth, if a radical,  irreligious and anti-Israel one, Most blacks, Hispanics and Muslims will not vote for him and they’re an important, vital part of the Democrat coalition. After the New Hampshire primary, which along with Iowa is composed of most white voters, I expect him to fade. There’s no one else at this time, not really.

The recent meeting of Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren is of interest, but we’ll know soon if there are any burning embers among the smoke. For Slo-Jo to make a real run of it, he would almost certainly have to announce the first week or so of September.

GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD: HRC as the Democrat candidate? Looking kinda iffy! It’s one thing to blow off Congress cats and bothersome reporters about her E Mailgate. Quite another to diss the FBI (even if the FBI is doing their very first ever Non Criminal Investigation all about HRC’s server chiz).

Yet way more important is 44’s role in all this. And it looks like 44 is driving it too. Days ago 42 meet and golfed with 44 and you can be sure two things that came up: Attorney General Lynch and Vice President Biden.

Now we learn VP Biden has been hooking up with Senator Elizabeth Warren!

As the radio cat with half his brain tied behind his back says:

The Hillary thing, I think it’s personal with the Clintons and the Obamas. I don’t think it goes any deeper. It may, but it’s personal.

Look, folks, these are the things that you think go in one ear and out the other. But when Bill Clinton in South Carolina is sitting there at a cafe talking to a buddy of his after they’ve thrown the race card down on the guy and Clinton is saying — I forget who he said this to, and it’s a prominent name, might have been Ted Kennedy. It was Ted Kennedy. He was sitting there having a drink with Ted Kennedy and Obama’s on TV or walking by, and Clinton said (doing impression), “You know, Ted, wasn’t that long ago, a guy like this would be getting us our coffee.” Well, that’s the kind of thing Obama never forgets, particularly that. That was Clinton calling Obama, I mean, that was Clinton talking about slavery, dare we say.

Obama’s an African-American, coffee, what, he’d be servant? Obama doesn’t forget that stuff. And some of the stuff that happened during that campaign, Hillary and Bill, I think this is personal with them. Well, then why did he make her secretary of state? It’s a pretty brilliant move. It looks like she’s pretty incompetent, right? And she’s got all these problems now that he probably helped create. I mean, he’s done his best to discredit her, and her coronation is now off the rails yet again, thanks to him. The old saw about keeping your friends close, your enemies closer.

Get your “Riding With Biden” paraphernalia now!

Puma By Design: Straight Answer: Nope!

The Obamas despise the Clintons and does not want them entering as they exit the White House.

Oh sure, the Barry gave the Clintons his blessing but he was just but he was merely paying a debt from the 2008 presidential campaign. Debt repaid with the left hand, screwing Clinton with the right.

As for who then? Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren.

The powers that be are aware that Clinton will kick, scream and claw her way to becoming the left’s chosen candidate. I believe there is an urgency by some (Obama) to take her down hard once and for all.

Enter Joe Biden who must first collaborate with Elizabeth Warren so that when Hillary throws the gender card out there, Warren will run interference keeping feminists in check.

If Joe Biden fails, enter Elizabeth Warren. The plan may have been the plan all along to get the left so sick of Hillary that they would be thankful for Warren who as far as I can see is the only thing worse for America than Hillary or Bernie Sanders.

The Glittering Eye: Unless she’s actually serving time somewhere, Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee. The Democrats and the Republicans have traded places. This cycle the Democrats want to fall in line and the Republicans want to fall in love.

The progressive wing of the Democratic Party (a third to half of the party) knows where its heart is: Bernie Sanders. If he were a black woman he’d be perfect. Despite where their collective heart leads, they’ll still vote for Hillary. She also has the solid support of the black caucus. That’s enough to secure the nomination.

The Republicans, on the other hand, are looking for love (in all the wrong places). That’s why no one other than The Donald can get any traction. Well, that and the 24/7 press coverage he’s receiving.

The Right Planet: Well, I really hate making predictions. But it’s long been reported that there is some bad blood between the Obama’s and the Clintons. So, I would not be surprised if the Obama Administration is firing torpedoes at the U.S.S.S. (United States Socialist Ship) Hillary Clinton. And if that’s the case, it must mean that there is something far worse than Hillary (if that’s possible) waiting in the wings. I just read that VP Biden had a meeting with Fauxchahontas (Elizabeth Warren). And Socialist Sanders is giving Comrade Hillary a run for her Clinton Cash. So there’s a damn good chance Hillary might not be the presidential candidate for the Democrats. But, what difference, at this point, does it make?

Nice Deb: I’ve been saying since March that it isn’t going to be Hillary. The Regime’s preferred candidate is Liz Warren, but the surest pathway to the White House for her through Biden. Biden has the name recognition and stature needed to win the presidential election in 2016 with Warren as his running mate. One term of Biden and the next two Warren. That’s the plan. That’s what we have to look forward to.

Well, there you have it.

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