RED UNIONS:: How & Why Big Labor Leaders Betray Their Nation

Unions are the backbone of today’s Democratic Party. They are also now almost all led by communists and socialists, and promote an anti-American agenda.

Marxist-Leninists understand that unions are the “transmission belt of communism” to the masses. This is the role they are now playing in America.

Well known writer Jim Simpson, is best known for his pioneering exposes of the infamous Cloward-Piven Strategy. Now he has produced an excellent ebook, exposing the danger communist led unions pose to America.

My only criticism…

The price is way too low. Buy it today, before Jim raises the price. Better yet, buy several copies and sent them to people you know should read it.


Order Jim Simpson’s important new book here.


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12 thoughts on “RED UNIONS:: How & Why Big Labor Leaders Betray Their Nation

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  2. Organized labor is what communism IS: “workers of the world – unite”; “dictatorship of the proletariat”; etc.

    Both the labor union movement and the democrat party was established in the USA by the early communist movement under the direction, guidance, and funding of the mother communist party in the USSR in 1924.

    The labor unions are the recruiting and fund raising apparatus for the democrat party and in turn the democrat party is the labor unions’ political prostitute. Where does the dues money extorted from the membership go?

    Compare the democrat party’s platform with Ch. 10 of the USSR Const. and see most of it word for word. Compare the democrat party’s platform with the program of the CP-USA and see it is identical. The CP-USA web-site cheers and applauds everything the democrat party does, referring to them as “fellow travelers”.

  3. I can attest to this, unions..all of them are socialist/communist driven. We are currently fighting off a communist take over by the Teamsters with no help from anyone including the NLRB. They pretty much look away whenever the union wants to file a bogus unfair labor practice charge as a tool to delay us throwing them out on their butts.
    If the union, Teamsters 986 were to gain a foothold in Kag West, it would cost the average employees one month’s pay over a year to pay for all the dues and fees they will impose on the membership. We want none of that.
    Please visit our web site for additional information. we’d appreciate any help or publicity you can give us.

    Thank you.

  4. I have been told labor union membership is down in the US so that what Trevor says himself does not nake sense….although no stats were presented. Does anyone have any references or thoughts sbout this?

    1. Private union membership is way down, but public employee union membership is way up. These are much more dangerous unions because they rig the political system with taxpayer funded employee dollars and get democratic politicians to strenghten their monopoly power. You saw what it took in Wisconsin to break the power of public employee unions, and now they’re pledging $300 million to defeat Walker and four other likeminded governors. The SEIU, AFSCME, the NEA; these are the hotbeds of communist activity, and they are huge unions. Read the book.

  5. Harry Bridges was a communist organizer from Australia, who arrived in America in the 1930s. He led a violent strike in San Francisco to break up the AFLand CIO, in order to take control of the unions. Bridges was the subject of deportation hearings, but his communist lawyers got him off. Bridges was king of the secret communists. He died in 1990. Gov. Gray Davis declared July 28, 2001, “Harry Bridges Day”. The LA school district built a “Harry Bridges School” in the old Longshoreman’s Union Hall in San Pedro. There is also a “Harry Bridges Institute” currently planning a trip to Parliament this summer. Communists are never going to give up and go away. They lied to get people to vote for them, they are hell-bent on destroying the Constitution. Tonite on “the Five” on Fox, Bob Beckle, another secret communist reiterated the communist doctrine, “we will never give up” by endorsing Obamacare in all its form, as merely a beginning. The only way to get rid of communists, is to make them come out in the open where we can get a good look at them. Thank you Trevor.

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