The China Virus Deception Campaign

By: Cliff Kincaid

China Joe Biden calls Russian President Putin a killer but can’t bring himself to say the same thing about China President Xi, who is in charge of a controversial biological warfare lab in Wuhan that has been linked to 2.75 million dead.

“He’s a smart, smart guy,” Biden said at his news conference. “We’re not looking for confrontation,” he added.

During the history of the world, at critical turning points, there have been massive deception operations. Think about the Trojan Horse. Or consider how D-Day was designed to convince the Nazis that the main Allied landings would be in the Pas-de-Calais and not in Normandy. The latest and most successful deception operation is the China virus campaign. We are the victims and can’t even call it the China virus.

On the other hand, we can call the variants by their country names, such as the South African variant, the British variant, and the Brazilian variant.

Simply stated, the Communist Chinese and their supporters (“the patriotic united front”) want people to think their government had nothing to do with the release of this virus. It was just an accident, they say, that it happened in Wuhan, a center of China’s declared biowarfare/biodefence capacity. They have even blamed American troops for the disaster.

President Trump understood from the start that the China virus was a national security threat.

As the world attempts to recover from the China virus, the communists are committing genocide and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang. They are in the same position as Hitler when he thought he was on the road to world domination.  The world didn’t take him seriously, as he began mass extermination campaigns.

Almost exactly a year ago, in my column, “A Frankenstein Monster Devouring the World,” I noted the curious timing of the virus, saying, “President Trump was moving in the direction of America-first policies before the Chinese unleashed their virus on the world.”

In that column, I examined Chinese work in the area of scientific and genetic experiments, including biowarfare. They seem to be undertaking all of the controversial experiments the Nazis were doing in the name of the “Fatherland,” The Chinese, in their “Constitution of the People’s Republic of China,” call it the “Motherland.”

Aware of the dangers and understanding things about the disease that only he, as president, would know, Trump launched Operation Warp Speed to develop vaccines. He could not, of course, declare war on China. We were not prepared for that and he had the immediate task of protecting our people from this bioweapon.

Before going out of office, the Trump Administration noted that Operation Warp Speed was “an unprecedented drive to develop and make available an effective vaccine by January 2021” and that Pfizer and Moderna developed two vaccines in just nine months, five times faster than the fastest prior vaccine development in American history.

This amazing success demonstrated how, when government bureaucracies are cut down to size and regulations reduced, the private sector can act quickly.

Trump did what he had to do – tap America’s scientific expertise in a partnership to save lives. He had no other alternative.

Little did he know that much of the opposition would come from some of his own supporters and that they would turn on him.

One person wrote to me, saying, “We’re dealing with a MONSTER VACCINE, not a monster virus.” The Chinese Communists unleashed a killer on the world and yet these people are saying they fear Trump’s Operation Warp Speed more than the China virus attack on our people.

Some people write to me with even more outlandish assertions, insisting that Trump is guilty of genocide for authorizing new vaccines and ushering in the end times.

Journalist Alex Berenson, a critic of some government policies during Covid-19, such as masks and lockdowns, has concluded after analyzing the data that the theory behind the mRNA vaccines has merit and that the vaccines “do work.” Many questions remain, he says, but “the mRNA hypothesis has now been shown to work in the most dramatic possible way.”

He adds this: “Vaccine advocates see a scientific leap forward that works not just against the coronavirus but influenza, other viruses, and even cancer.”

While I am not a professional vaccine advocate and have had doubts about them in the past, I have come to the same conclusion as Berenson.

Conservatives are being told, however, that Trump is guilty of genocide. One conservative columnist claimed the very successful Pfizer vaccine program in Israel amounted to a “holocaust” against the Jews. The reverse is true. Indeed, right-wing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had hoped that the results from what was described as “a world-beating Covid vaccination campaign” would help him in the elections there.  The nation had fully vaccinated 50.2% of its population.

China Joe Biden has a different approach than Trump while exploiting Operation Warp speed to his political advantage. His top people recently met with Chinese Communist officials and failed to raise the issue of the China virus at all. Is this because Biden fears the Chinese or that his people are being paid off by them?

In terms of sheer numbers of people killed, the China virus is an instrument of mass murder. Citing official numbers, the anti-communist Epoch Times on Wednesday provided the latest U.S. casualties:

  • US Confirmed Cases: 30,587,629
  • US Deaths: 556,111
  • US Recovered: 22,851,070

The Epoch Times has no doubt this is a China virus but goes further, calling it the “CCP Virus,” referring to the Chinese Communist Party. The publication declares, “The name holds the CCP accountable for its wanton disregard of human life and consequent spawning of a pandemic that has put untold numbers in countries around the world at risk while creating widespread fear and devastating the economies of nations trying to cope with this disease.”

Nevertheless, Democratic Rep. Jerrold Nadler blamed the Atlanta shootings on people referring to the Chinese origin of the China virus. We are told “anti-Asian racism” and not China’s biological warfare campaign is the real problem. Racism is always an evil, but it’s the racism of the Chinese regime, as they campaign to expand the “Motherland,” that is also of utmost concern. Many more lives are being lost because of the murderous mindset of the Chinese communists. They have made it clear, after taking Hong Kong, the next target is Taiwan. They say so in their party constitution.

While private biotech companies have come to our assistance, as a result of directives from Trump through Operation Warp Speed, there are many serious questions remaining about how government agencies, including the Pentagon, were collaborating with the Chinese.

One of my Freedom of Information Requests (FOIA) at one of the agencies has been stalled. But the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) filed also filed a FOIA with the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectiousness Diseases (NIAID) at the National Institutes of Health seeking all documents in its possession and that of Director Anthony S. Fauci regarding grants to the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan.

Going further, Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for National Institutes of Health (NIH) records of communications, contracts, and agreements with the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China

There are also honest liberals who have been looking at it.

For example, the U.S. Right to Know organization has been examining “how, where and why the virus first infected humans, as well as information about leaks and other mishaps at biosafety labs and the risks of gain-of-function research, which aims to increase the lethality or infectivity of potential pandemic pathogens.” The group has already found evidence that some of the people in U.S. government-funded organizations have been trying to divert attention away from the laboratory origin of the virus because they had been working with Chinese scientists at the Wuhan lab.

Independent left-wing journalist Sam Husseini has written an article about how various “experts” have been “remarkably evasive” about the source of the disease and whether it came from a lab.

But with so many conservatives questioning the life-saving vaccines, and Democratic Party “progressives” refusing to confront China over the origin of the virus, we are still at the mercy of this deadly killer. The Chinese are sitting on top of the world and laughing as they destroy us.


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2 thoughts on “The China Virus Deception Campaign

  1. Suggest you forward this to every Head of State in the world:
    Lockdowns are counterproductive. Among the many reports to that effect:

    Face masks are a health hazard. Fauci confirms they cause fatalities by bacterial pneumonia.

    Ventilators are dangerous. The internet is replete with reports to this effect.

    Public health officials use coronavirus as a pretext for violating civil and human rights and conditioning people to totalitarian government. They attack the people instead of the disease. Then when the stupid asinine and oppressive rules and regulations inevitably prove counterproductive, they blame the people and try to impose rules and regulations still more stupid asinine and oppressive.

    We have always had the means to exterminate the coronavirus and prevent and cure infection by it. The vaccine lobby has been instrumental in sabotaging the use of such means, to avoid spoiling the market for vaccines. Had we started using those means in Spring of 2020, the pandemic would be over by now, with no lockdown and at a mere fraction of the public funds frittered away on feckless restrictions and subsidies.

    Exterminate the coronavirus. UV light kills it.
    Copper kills it. Salt kills it. Oxygen kills it. Doubtless many other safe and cheap measures kill it. No coronavirus, no coronavirus infection, right?
    Am I being too subtle? Do you have pudding for brains?

    Hydroxychloroquine prevents and cures infection by coronavirus. Some other things do, too, but it might be the safest and most effective. BoJo was probably cured by hydroxychloroquine, kept secret because NHS doesn’t allow it for the masses. Bolsonaro was probably cured by it. Trump and I have taken it for prevention. Maybe Trump stopped and that’s why he got infected. National Security Adviser Robert Charles O’Brien, Jr., and the late Herman Cain apparently didn’t take it for prevention. Articles in Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine claiming it’s inefficacious had to be retracted and withdrawn. Evidence of its effectiveness continues to mount.
    See e.g.
    in which Dr Harvey Risch of Yale Medical confirms the cure: “The science that supports hydroxychloroquine is stronger than anything else that I’ve studied in my entire career. The evidence is overwhelming.”
    “Systemic discouragement of Hydroxychloroquine is a ‘national scandal’”
    Not to mention – oh well let’s mention the brilliant presentation of Rowan Dean
    “Statistical analysis of 118 studies proves ‘efficacy’ of Hydroxychloroquine.”
    All too much for youtube, apparently, which banned the Sky News piece by Alan Jones 28 October 2020 THERE IS ‘RANK DISHONESTY’ ABOUT HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE
    youtube has also banned me. What’s youtube afraid of?
    I’ll bet it’s good against the common flu, too, which also claims many lives despite widespread vaccination. People should stop dithering, blithering and playing the fool while waiting for a safe and effective vaccine, which will be superfluous if it ever arrives. Another safe and effective therapy against coronavirus is ivermectin. Still another is clofazimine, an old safe drug long used against leprosy. From
    Há alguns meses, médicos e virologistas dos Estados Unidos e de Hong Kong deram início a uma investigação aos mais de 12 mil medicamentos já aprovados para outras doenças, com o objetivo de encontrarem um fármaco eficaz contra a Covid-19 e chegaram à conclusão que a clofazimina, medicamento utilizado para a cura da lepra, tem um efeito “poderoso” no combate ao novo coronavírus.
    Por enquanto, são apenas resultados de testes de laboratório com células humanas e com hamsters infetados com o novo coronavírus, mas os profissionais responsáveis pelo estudo querem começar a testar em pessoas infetadas com a Covid-19 o mais rápido possível, segundo revela El País.
    “A clofazimina é uma candidata ideal para o tratamento de Covid-19”, afirma Sumit Chanda, imunologista do Instituto de pesquisa científica dos EUA. “É um medicamento seguro, de custo acessível, fácil de fabricar, pode ser tomado por via oral e pode ser distribuído globalmente”, acrescenta.
    Interesting that Correio da Manha picked up on this story but the mighty Expresso did not.
    All this puts the lie to the money-grubbing myth that hastily developed new vaccines and crackpot restrictions on human conduct are the only ways to avoid extermination by coronavirus.

    The lust for money, power and control over the people poses a grave threat to public health.

    PRC maliciously weaponized coronavirus, probably with the aid of the queer bastard communist Quisling pretender Barack Hussein Obama II d.o.b. 4 August 1961, in 2015
    and stupidly let it leak into its slave population in late 2019. Obama’s role as fake commander in chief came to be discussed in early 2020, when PRC suggested the American military “might” have contributed to the manufacture of the weaponized coronavirus. Discussion disclosed that a coronavirus was contributed to the Wuhan laboratory during the pretender’s illegitimate “administration” by an American Army lab in 2015. Concurrently he caused NIH to contribute millions of dollars to China to weaponize the virus. These aids were probably keys to developing the coronavirus that leaked to cause the current pandemic. To the best of my knowledge, these propositions have never been disproved.

    Nearly a decade ago, by letter of 25 April 2011, I appealed to the dumb Donald to help find the truth about Obama and press for an official investigation and I was roundly ignored. Had he investigated and pressed for a competent comprehensive official investigation of the pretender, Obama might have been impeached or at least not re-elected in 2012, and this mass murder by coronavirus pandemic might not have occurred. Even if he had been deemed eligible, his vital records and DNA analysis would almost certainly have proved that he had not a scintilla of Negro genetic heritage, a pillar of his political appeal. (Probably his father was Caucasian Stanley Armour Dunham and his mother Polynesian, an Hawai’ian whore pimped by Frank Marshall Davis.) With adequate financing, I’m rather confident that I can prove beyond reasonable scientific doubt Obama’s birth parents and his half-brother, at last report living in Denver.

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