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Every week on Monday morning, the Council and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum with short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture or daily living. This week’s question: What Advice Would You Give The Presidential Candidate Of Your Choice?

Don Surber: My advice to Marco Rubio: Smile more and be positive. Resist the temptation to play to the reportorial bleachers; they hate you and want to destroy you. Be kind to your fellow Republicans. Never say an unkind word about any of them. Ever.

GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD: Currently in limbo – I really dig Marco. And GOV Perry and to a little lesser extent SEN Cruz and GOV Walker. I also dig how the Donald fired off blistering cuts on many of them. The guy has a point.

Just saw a bit on the telly where SEN Rick Santorum rather unnimbly ducked, weaved and dodged specifics on handling ISIS. It was painful to watch and listen.

While the good Sen is not my cat thus far – it does bring up a raison d’etre for gooder advice – especially on ISIS.

1. Make it big.

Loudly and proudly declare the goal will be to chuck their carcasses onto the same pile as Waffen Ss and Kamikazees. Terms like Annihilation, utter destruction mixed in with picturesque prose about repeatedly raining destruction on them sans modesty or restraint.

Also make it clear, internat’l borders in this case are only pretty lines on a map. There is no where ISIS will be able to raise the flag without American military power being in their face.

2. Go big.

Party it up. Announce their will be massive Bar B Ques
(beef, chicken and pork) held in Raaqa the very day their HQ falls, that American troops will be on the ground in newly acquired turf in the ME for eons if needed.

LOL any and all ME nations fear about the American military seizing oil wealth, bases and turf. After all, America was invited back into the Middle East – simply because the nations there are too weak, too disorganized and unserious about destroying ISIS.

3. Mean and Scary

American combat troops in large numbers on the ground killing ISIS for the duration and afterwards

4. If ISIS is truly a threat – then treat it like one with all the disproportionate force available.

Laura Rambeau Lee, Right Reason: Unfortunately, I have yet to find the presidential candidate of my choice. But I would like to tell “The Donald” to just go away.

JoshuaPundit: I have no presidential candidate at this point, but I admit to leaning towards Scott Walker simply because the floor beneath governor’s chair in Wisconsin is littered with the skulls of his enemies who did everything they could to destroy him. The idea of someone in the White House with actual successful executive experience and real accomplishments intrigues me, I admit.

Aside from telling most of the candidates in both parties to go find honest work instead, what I’d advise anyone who wants the job to do is to level with the American people. That doesn’t mean ridiculous sound bite applause lines guaranteed to make headlines – the last thing we need is another Ross Perot – but real solutions to real problems… and that’s also going to mean attacking Mrs. Clinton head on and linking her to the Obama regime’s failures. Politics, after all, is war by other mean.

The Independent Sentinel: I’d like to give advice to Hillary Clinton. Democrats are always very generous about giving advice to Republicans which they feel compelled to follow and the least I can do is pay it back.

The first thing Hillary should do is promise to approve the Keystone Pipeline with an Executive Order the day she takes office. She should follow that up by approving every nuclear plant application and canceling all new climate change rules, especially now that we know an Ice Age is coming.

If I were her, I’d promise to fill up GITMO with all these terrorist wannabes we keep growing at home.

Her agenda should include lowering taxes on the wealthy, declaring all 50 states right-to-work and she should admit the war on women and the whole pay equity issue are bogus.

Oh, and she should immediately promise to close the borders.

Finally, she should do away with minimum wages, right after she says she plans to declare war on a few countries.

Ask Marion: My advice to the person that was not exactly my first choice for the GOP presidential nomination until lately is to “keep doing what you are are doing!!”.

I have become more and more of a Donald Trump fan day by the day and I don’t seem to be alone!! Clint Eastwood jumped on the Trump train.

The Donald knows business and finance; he knows many of both the political and business leaders from around the world; he has the guts to say what he thinks and what a lot of Americans want to hear; he has name recognition; he is actually pro enforcing American law and securing the borders; he can self-finance so he won’t owe anyone favors if he is elected; the media hates him so you know he is on to something; and Trump loves America and Capitalism. Sounds like a great presidential candidate to me!!

Trump has guts and understands showmanship. So while the liberal media kept trying to feed everyone the idea that his trip to Los Angeles and Arizona would be disastrous, it turned out exactly the opposite.

Video: Donald Trump Press Conference LA; victim’s families; Jamiel Shaw – FULL-UNEDITED

Video: FULL Donald Trump Arizona Rally 15,000+ People

Donald Trump is looking less and less like a wild card and more and more like he could win!

Well, there you have it.

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3 thoughts on “Forum: What Advice Would You Give The Presidential Candidate Of Your Choice?

  1. Well, Mr. Loudon, forgive me to talk out of turn, but my advice might go to ALL Candidates:

    Gentlemen; we are no-longer confused. Your task, and your Goal, is quite apparent now.

    Does not America have a definition?
    Does not the Constitution define America?
    Do definitions mean NOTHING to Leftists who pose as “republicans?”

    We’re ONTO you, Gentlemen. You’ve BOUGHT it. We are now fully-aware that the (Leftist) GOP and the Leftist are complicit, and work IN CONCERT for all that we see. EVERYTHING. The Leftist and the (Leftist) GOP work TOGETHER, for ONE PURPOSE:

    Complete Power and Control over the American Serfdom.

    Therefore, Gentlemen, my advice to you is this: understand now that some know who you are. It’s not too late for America, and for Conservatism, if you choose the correct path.

    Choose it today.

  2. I am waiting for the first Republican debate in August. I would say to all candidates to speak assertively, don’t mamby-pamby around (we are probably thinking the same things!) but don’t be like Trump – he may say what some of us feel, but he needs a filter. Can you picture an aggressive, notice I didn’t say assertive, president?

  3. My advice to all candidates stop pandering. American’s want someone who tells it like it is, has a plan of action is not beholding to anyone but the American people. So far I haven’t seen much of that from anyone, except the Donald. He’s not afraid to speak even if the establishment Marxists don’t like it. Cruz is a big disappointment in one respect, his dishonest, twisted, convoluted answer whether he’s a natural born citizen or not (He is not). He said in a interview that given his mother was a US Citizen, he is a citizen by birth (true enough) so that equals natural born…not true Ted. You were born with dual citizenship therefore you are NOT a natural born citizen any more than Barack Hussein Obama. If Ted is willing to rationalize his ineligibility into eligibility, sorry but that leaves me with trust issues. He shouldn’t be in the race at all.

    But I guess in the age of Obama the Constitution can be contorted into what you want.

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