Obama’s Trade Deal With Communist Vietnam and Muslim Brunei

By: Cliff Kincaid
America’s Survival

Kevin Kearns, president of the U.S. Business & Industry Council (USBIC), is interviewed about whether the Republican-controlled Congress will pass President Obama’s Trans Pacific Partnership. USBIC is a national business organization advocating for domestic U.S. manufacturers since 1933. He says previous trade deals have resulted in the U.S. losing five million manufacturing jobs and 57,000 manufacturing establishments since 2000.


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1 thought on “Obama’s Trade Deal With Communist Vietnam and Muslim Brunei

  1. WE have been selling our countries business to other countries sence the 1950’s. Sad Sad The movement for a one world economy One world government is moving right along call it what you want NEW WORLD ORDER it makes no difference we support businesses that buy thier products from Communist China,dictatorships, third word countries. This will not end as big corp’s are world wide. Any more legeslation in this direction is just another kick in the balls of the USA.

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