5 thoughts on ““Give Me Liberty Not Debt”

    1. Hey Tammy. Thanks for your input. I know it is not the best presentation. I threw together in the early morning meaning the video recording portion of it. You obviously are not a fan of hip hop though if you don’t like the content or music. I was offered a record deal at eighteen I’m twenty four now. It was something I refused. But rapping is something I know I am not awful at to say the least. I’m aware that the quality of this video is not the best. Trevor thank you for posting this video. It’s getting a lot of positive feedback and little negative feedback.

      1. Justen,

        I like the video! I am not a fan of rap music either. I can only stand about 5 minutes listening to it, but I like your rap. Yes, the presentation could have been better, but it’s a good start. I am sure the presentation will get better and better as you do more of it. We need to reach the youth somehow, right? We also need to take back the culture that is completely lost to the other side now. So, those with the creative flair needs to come up with more things like this. Keep doing it Justen!

        1. Who cares on the video quality; the Message is the key. At Fort McHenry, the Flag pole was shot off. One man after another went and held it Up for all to see. Over 29 men died that night to hold up that Flag; will you Tammy?

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