5 thoughts on “Brigitte Gabriel Nails it on Radical Islam

  1. The immediate problem with Islam is those who are in control, they are extremely violent and seditious, even against their own kind. All Islam is radical–there is only one Islam and good Muslims are violent terrorists. Political Correctness–is Cultural Marxism–its meant to destroy everything it touches.

  2. Comrade Stalin has once instructed his subordinates: “Let Georgians combat Georgian nationalism, Armenians – combat Armenian nationalism etc.). Not a bad idea, actually, – esp. if you run a multi-national empire.

    No, the “peaceful majority” is not “irrelevant”. It easily may become instrument or accomplice of crimes committed or initiated by the radical minority (however small that might be). Quite a number of such cases is available.

    So any community’s (religious, ethnic…) majority in the first place is called to fight radicals/extremists in their own ranks.

    1. As far as Islamic terrorism is concerned–the non violent majority who do nothing to stop the violent–are in fact irrelevant.

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