1. I absolutely 100% agree. Vote Republican and start the ball rolling!

    Tell all your friends, family, and anyone else and ask for their help in restoring sanity to our Congress, state governments, and the President’s office.

  2. I remember the first time I saw Obama,but didn’t know much about him and stumbled across Trevor’s blog and started reading about who he really is, and started telling everyone I knew about Trevor’s website and preaching against all things Obama.Thanks for all you do and have done .Regressive leftists cannot stand verifiable facts especially when it proves they are nothing but useful idiots ,parroting misinformation and talking points.

  3. Everyone, Please consider. As much as the Republican Party has let itself and the Country down, and I no longer consider myself a Republican, I will vote Republican on Election Day! Not to vote or to vote for a third party candidate will be the same as a vote FOR the Democratic Party. They are counting on our anger to serve them. They are counting on our voting on our principles so they can walk away the winners. The Country is damn near total ruin because of the Democrats controlling our lives. We must unseat them at all levels. Do not listen to their BS. They are dedicated to Socialism and the destruction of our Constitutional Nation. Once we get them out we can start to work on ridding ourselves of the elite Republican RINOs who are the lesser of two evils. Please do not throw your vote away. Please do not throw the USA away. Vote Republican and maybe we can begin cleaning up the mess we have in America. If it doesn’t start this November, it never will.

      1. Agreed, a third is what Ross Perot did years ago. May have put Clinton in office.
        However the bushes did nothing about the open borders, and are one world gov.
        people. Not good.

  4. You nailed it. Nailed it!! Thank you for all you are doing. There are those of us that are doing everything we can to push back and it helps immensely to know we have friends like you. Thank you.

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