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I have known Trevor Loudon for a number of years now. It has been my greatest honor to work with him and call him my friend. A better man you will not find and a more ardent patriot does not exist. He has tirelessly traveled the US, spreading information and the message that our government, our institutions, our very way of life here in America has been infiltrated by Leftists — i.e. communists.

From New Zealand, to all over the US, Trevor has devoted his life to exposing the enemies within our government that are trying to bring the freest nation the world has ever known to her knees. Trevor has worked tirelessly to open American’s eyes to what is transpiring in what will be seen in history as, at the very least, the greatest subversive coup of American government to ever be attempted on a broad scale.

Trevor and I both know how hard the last six years has been on Americans. We are all struggling just to survive. Many of us have done this at a cost to our livelihoods, our families and our own well-being. Trevor has never given it a second thought. He is a warrior and a patriot in every sense of the word and there is not a soul on this earth that I trust more to have my back when the fighting comes. So, it is no small thing that we come to you now and ask that you donate to the movie that Trevor has in production currently which exposes The Enemies Within – Communists, Socialists & Progressives in the U.S. Congress.

This is no minor feat we are attempting. We need to raise $100,000 to help with production and distribution. We face many of the same hurdles that Dinesh D’Souza has faced in his battles to expose the truth about Barack Obama and those who surround him.

Help us win this fight and bring our message to millions across the nation and in fact, across the planet. We can defeat the enemies within, but we need all of you to help us do it. Trevor knows that if America falls, the world will fall to a new Axis of Evil: Russia, China and Iran. We are at war and we are asking you to help us arm ourselves in the greatest battle of our lives — the fight to expose The Enemies Within – Communists, Socialists & Progressives in the U.S. Congress and take America back and ensure her freedom.

Thank you all and see you in the trenches!


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton


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4 thoughts on “Expose The Enemies Within – The Movie

  1. My wife and I just watched the dvd last night from Vomeo. EXCELLENT!! albeit terrifying.

    Please make it possible to buy one or two DVDs, rather than 50. Or at least have a link on this website to the Vimeo download.

    This video needs to get out and go viral. And that will never happen if this website doesn’t make it easy for individuals to buy or download.

    Thanks so much for all that you do!

    Frank Newman

  2. Since 1922 unaware America and Americans toiled under Progressive administrations. These were mostly experimental in crafting policy and procedures, 20 years later seriously implemented. From eugenics to “redistribution of income,” “Progressives” held rein and ever so slowly crafted their trademarks of “Redistribution of Income” and “collectivism.”
    In 1960’s America, with Vietnam War as a backdrop, “collectivism” really expanded and became evident in: 1) Religion – decimation of Judeo-Christian Heritage and spread of Pagan secularism. 2)Education – from “Instruction” morphing to “Indoctrination” in K12, community colleges and universities(Fabian Socialism). 3)Finance -a series of Laws, Rules and Regulations whose sole purpose had as it backdrop “Redistribution of Income” in all American society,with Keynesian “socialism” vs.Von Mises’ “capitalism”. 4)Governance – melding of America’s Executive, Judiciary and Legislative branches of government into one and politically pervasive “collectivism” in: municipalities, States and National levels. Lastly, ceding America’s sovereignty to United Nations in many treaties, agreements. All designed to usurp American US Constitution with a One World Order and an Agenda 21/2030. That, is America’s “Progressive New Left Activist Movement.” Of course, heavily executed with “Marxist/communist” dogma. Pray. Amen. God Bless.

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