Future Americans Will Ask: Why Didn’t Congress Impeach Obama When It Could?

By: Diana West

This flag is one of the earliest Stars and Stripes known to exist.

How will future generations look back on our gravest national emergency of all time? And how will they regard what their forebears didn’t do about it?

This will include what we didn’t do about border nullification, which collapsed the U.S. as a sovereign nation. What we didn’t do about the alignment of our foreign policy with that of jihad movements, which meant the end of liberty, also life itself, for our best allies. What we didn’t do about the growth of tyranny from corruption and Marxism in this cradle of liberty.

Most of our progeny – and certainly those millions descended from the Latin American (and other) populations President Obama invited to invade the former United States – will never ask such questions. But some Americans – those who will throw off their burqas and speak English in the privacy of their caves – will be aghast at the paralysis of their ancestors who lost all.

“Seriously,” they will say to a granny whose granny told her. “You’re telling us that in 2014, the people still had the vote? Still had the Internet? That they still could elect a Congress with the powers of the purse, which could, at the very least, have provided funds to states for the National Guard to stop the Invasion of 2014-2024 (taught by government schools as the ‘Gran Liberacion’)? And they did … nothing?”

“That’s right,” she will croak. “They did nothing.”

“Why? Tell us again why they didn’t love liberty enough to defend” – their voices will drop to a whisper – “the Former Constitution and impeach the tyrant?”

Why, indeed. The very old lady, confused herself, will restate the reasons, the ones she first heard long ago. They still wouldn’t make sense, but it was almost all the history they had left.

The reason was the Republicans – that was the name of the Stupid Party before the Obamacrats instituted the single-payer health care and political system combined – would have had a terrible time dealing with Obamacrat anger against impeachment proceedings in an election year. “In an election year” sounded like one word, the way she said it.

“But they still had elections,” one of the youngsters blurted out, everyone’s heads shaking involuntarily in disbelief. “They still had the chance to make the case to the people according to the Former Constitution” – the youngster’s voice dropped off – “and they did nothing.”

“Well, they sued the president – but that was pointless.” She paused. “I know it’s baffling to us, living as we must in the Fever Swamp. But Stupid Party leaders said that the White House” – that was the name of the Great Mosque at 1600 Aztlan Avenida, she reminded them – “would be able to raise large sums of cash on impeachment to pay for TV ads against the Stupid Party, and that the media and Obamacrats would rally around the tyrant for those midterm elections.”

“Wouldn’t proceedings documenting Obama’s dictatorial assault on the former Constitution” – the voice of the youngster speaking stayed steady – “have turned many voters against him, too?”

The old lady thought for a minute. “I’m not sure anyone thought of that,” she replied.

“Did the Stupid Party at least win those stupid elections?”

“What does it matter now?” she said. “They turned out to be the last ones.”

“What’s ‘media’ again?” someone said, just to break the gloomy silence.

“People paid to flatter the tyrant – I’ve told you. Now, where was I? Oh yes, it was an election year.”

The youngsters looked blankly. They just didn’t get why elected officials, sworn to uphold the Former Constitution, would break their own oath just as surely as Obama had and do nothing to defend the nation against what turned out to be the tyrant’s final assault.

“The Republicans were afraid Obamacrats would say mean things about them.”

More blankness. “Wouldn’t they anyway?”

“Goodness, yes! Maybe they thought Obamacrats would commit more voter fraud than usual, I don’t know.”

“But they had laws against voter fraud back then.”

“How many times do I have to tell you, the Stupid Party never prosecuted voter fraud, no matter how rampant! The entire establishment even hushed up hard evidence that Obama committed identity fraud with forged documents to get elected in the first place.”

The youngsters’ eyes widened.

“We’ll get to that another day,” she said. “Meanwhile, there was no hiding Obama’s dictatorial usurpation of powers that didn’t belong to him, at least when he was still under the Former Constitution.” She, too, muted her croak from habit. “He changed legislation, made up legislation, refused to enforce legislation, punished political opponents, hid everything. Eventually, he just seized Capitol Hill for the NSA’s Monitoring Infinite Project run by the Unaccompanied Minor Brigades.”

She continued. “But another reason Congress did nothing when it still could was because practically every important conservative declared it was ‘premature’ to follow the former Constitution and impeach the tyrant. No public support for impeachment, they said. What we lacked, though, was a political leader to make the impeachment case and win that public support – or go down trying.”

“The Founding Fathers wouldn’t have thought it was premature,” one of the youngsters said. “They would already have initiated impeachment proceedings.”

Tears of pride came to the granny’s eyes, but fear sounded in her voice. “Never mention the Founding Fathers outside this cave!” she warned. “But you’re right.”


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5 thoughts on “Future Americans Will Ask: Why Didn’t Congress Impeach Obama When It Could?

  1. How will future generations look back on our gravest national emergency of all time? Really? Worse than the American Revolution, Civil War, WWI, WWII, the Great Depression, and 9/11? Grandstand much?

  2. Why would they be throwing off their burqas? Communism does not allow any form of religion (whether true or false).Obama is not a muslim he is an atheist satanic communist monster. Communists are using the muslim cover just as they use the progressive cover etc.

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