2 thoughts on “Steve Wynn Blasts Obama’s Anti Business Socialism

  1. He is dead on the money, the government is cramming regulations on top of regulations on busiensses so fast and hard that the investors and the owners are running scared; there is no clear direction they can move in, with the assurance that everything will not change the instant they make a movement to expand their own businesses.

    This is the organized chaos that the socialists love to use for the underminding of a strong economy, and to also place more pressure on the system until it caves in upon itself, and into the structure that the socialist progressives have established to take its place.

    The military is now in the progress of being gutted; and they are the last line of defense before the armed people of the nation itself. And we may lose the arms soon enough.

    Mr Obama has his agenda clear from the beginning — the fundamnental transformation of the nation, and the destruction of the economy, the Constitution, the Checks and Balances, the Bill of Rights, and so much of the traditional strengths of the nation.

    We are being underminded by traitors from within and without.

  2. I recognized this clip from CNN yesterday, where they only played part the clip, leaving out the last minute or so. It’s not a wonder why CNN would do this. The guy’s right: Obama has “weird” philosophies.

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