Communist Belorussia Wants Bases in Venezuela

The encirclement of the US continues as neo-communist Belorussia cozies up the Cuba and Venezuela.

From Cuba’s Granma:

PRESIDENT Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus stated at the end of an official visit to Cuba that his stay had been a highly positive one, while emphasizing his government’s major prospects in terms of relations with ALBA and other Latin American countries.

Presidents Raúl Castro and Alexander Lukashenko during their meeting

Lukashenko, who was continuing his tour in Venezuela, stated that Belarus hopes to establish bases there for economic cooperation with the rest of Latin America.

President Raúl Castro bade farewell to the leader at José Martí International Airport, and asked him to convey an embrace to the Venezuelan people from the peoples of Cuba and Belarus.

The Belarusian and Cuban Presidents had a fraternal meeting in which they discussed the excellent state of bilateral relations…

Before leaving, the Belarusian leader placed a wreath at the José Martí Memorial in Plaza de la Revolución, accompanied by Deputy Foreign Minister Dagoberto Rodríguez and other members of the Cuban and Belarusian Foreign Ministries.

Bilateral activities included the signing of two agreements and three memoranda of cooperation in science, technology, health and agriculture.

Vladimir Semashko, Belarusian First Deputy Prime Minister, described Cuba as a world leader in pharmacology and biotechnology and affirmed his country’s interest in the island’s advice in this context.

Semashko added that the two countries agreed to discuss projects for repairing Belarusian transportation and freight means acquired by Cuba and to plan deliveries of spare parts and maintenance equipment.

In May of this year, Cuba and Belarus celebrated the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations. Bilateral trade reached a total of $50 million in 2011.

While America focuses on its many internal problems, its numerous enemies are conquering the US’ own back yard.


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