Fox News Affiliate Covers Local Michigan Amnesty Protest (video)


Watchdog Wire Michigan
MI watchdogs joined weekend nationwide effort
July 21, 2014
by Dick Manasseri

This past Saturday, the SE Michigan 9.12 Tea Party group held a rally against amnesty for illegal immigrants. The event occurred in Rochester Hills, at the intersection of Rochester Road and M-59. For three hours, about three dozen protesters stood in the drizzle, waving American flags and bearing signs (e.g. What about our veterans who need care?) and standing for rule-of-law.

The groups, which included leaders from the metropolitan Detroit, Romeo, and Troy tea parties, were part of a historic, nationwide effort to draw attention to the Obama administration’s inaction vis-a-vis the continuing immigration crisis at the Southwest border.

Also joining the Rochester Hills protesters were Tamyra Murray (who has been at the forefront of the public discussions in Vassar about bringing undocumented Central American minors to that small community) and Tom McMillin, a Michigan state representative who is running for Congress. Murray, along with conservative radio talk show host Ron Edwards, appeared on Fox 2′s “Let It Rip” program and discussed the Vassar immigration situation.

Fox 2 News Headlines

Conversely, SE Michigan 9.12 president Gary Kubiak expressed his concerns to a television reporter from Fox 2 Detroit saying, “We do believe in clothing these people, getting them back to good health, especially the children, and feeding them. But they really got to go back home, and come in the front door. We’re seventeen trillion dollars in debt, and we just can’t spend another buck on illegal immigration.”


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