Documentary: The KGB Connections: An Investigation Into Soviet Operations in North America

By: Brent Parrish
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This is a very informative documentary concerning the subversive activities of Soviet and communist operatives within the United States over the past several decades. I thought it would be a timely post, considering the post in memory of Larry Grathwohl from yesterday.

There is a brief interview with Larry Grathwohl in the following documentary [54:00 min.], and some Bill Ayers footage, with a bit of background on the Weather Underground. Additionally, there is a rare interview with KBG defector Yuri Bezmenov (a.k.a. Tomas Schuman) in the [1:55:00 min.]. Of note is the congressional testimony of ex-communist Elizabeth Bentley [1:44:00 min.] discussing her cover as a “conservative”:

Via YouTube/LibertyInOurTime:

This documentary focuses on Soviet espionage in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean – by KGB officers operating as businessmen, diplomats, and officials of the United Nations. It shows the use of propaganda and disinformation to distort America’s perception of reality. Also shown is the use of blackmail, bribery, sabotage, and assassination to accomplish Soviet objectives within larger nations. Included is the testimony of twenty defectors, some speaking with disguises to conceal their identity because they are still hiding from their pasts and fearful of the KGB’s revenge.

ASSOCIATED PRESS/ASSOCIATED PRESS – Duncan Lee, right, former OSS employe, listens as Miss Elizabeth T. Bentley, self-styled former Red Agent, repeats before house un-American activities committee on August 10, 1948 at Washington, her charges that Lee furnished communist underground with highly secret government information.

Larry Grathwohl

Larry Grathwohl was an FBI informant in the ’70s best known for infiltrating the Weather Underground, a radical left-wing terrorist group whose members included Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dorhn.

Teaching today at Columbia , Kathy Boudin – Weather Underground domestic terrorist once convicted of 2nd degree murder.

Cheryl Wilkins – Once convicted of being an accomplice in the armed hijacking of a Fed Ex truck and she did 12 years in prison.


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4 thoughts on “Documentary: The KGB Connections: An Investigation Into Soviet Operations in North America

  1. Dear Sir , I was an CIA non official cover, covert operative in Canada during 1969 to 1970 , posing as a American US Army deserter .My Case Officer and the RCMP Security Service ( now CISI ) met in Ottawa in Early Mid year for a protocol perimeter meeting . Basically we where the Canadians guest with no legal or law enforcement capabilities. They arrested 3 young Soviet KGB agents posing to be America college students who represented themself’s as Student’s for a Democratic Society. I birdoged them . The Canadians arrested them they where promoting treason

  2. McCarthy was right and hollywood and the liberals were wrong. No, it’s worse then that. Hollywood and the liberals were part of the conspiracy and weren’t just “wrong” they were disseminating propaganda. So how many years do we have to wait to discover Obama’s co-conspiritors and who in his administration were traitors?

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