A Raging, Out Of Control EPA – Sanctioned Theft From Americans

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton


The EPA is totally out of control and has become a fascist threat to all Americans. Under the radar, the EPA has whispered evil somethings into being by floating a new rule that extends their power even more and gives them the wherewithal to garnish bank accounts of those they deem to have violated their regulations. They are claiming the authority to bypass the courts and unilaterally garnish paychecks. Now, the EPA can not only reach out and touch each of us, they can clobber us while robbing our bank accounts and Obama’s government is sanctioning this theft. It’s not enough that they are closing down our power plants, causing our utility bills to skyrocket out of reach, no… It’s not enough that they can seize private property and/or tell you what you can do with your land, no… It’s not enough that they are telling America what to do with her water rights, no… It’s not enough that the EPA can go in and shut down any business for whatever reason they concoct at that point in time, no… And it’s certainly not enough that the EPA is redrawing state lines, redistributing land to those as they see fit. Now they want your hard-earned money as well. You know, a tyrannical King would have been preferable and probably more just. Just sayin’.

The EPA has gone fine-happy. It’s that ‘other’ way of stealing money. Remember Andy Johnson in Wyoming? He wanted to build a pond on his property. For not bowing to the EPA Nazis, he was slapped with a $75,000 fine. He is just one of many, many cases. A muscle-bound, militarized EPA is now extending their heavy handed reach into every corner of freedom left in a country that is beginning to look more and more like a medieval fiefdom, with a lawless Lord presiding over an enforced transformation.

From The Washington Times:

“The EPA has a history of overreaching its authority. It seems like once again the EPA is trying to take power it doesn’t have away from American citizens,” Sen. John Barrasso, Wyoming Republican, said when he learned of the EPA’s wage garnishment scheme.

Others questioned why the EPA decided to strengthen its collection muscle at this time.

Critics said the threat of garnishing wages would be a powerful incentive for people to agree to expensive settlements rather than fight EPA charges.

Did you know that the Federal courts have given every federal agency the power now to garnish wages? Neither did I until this morning. So, of course the EPA is claiming it has the go-ahead now to do this. They announced it last week in the Federal Register, citing the authority “to garnish non-Federal wages to collect delinquent non-tax debts owed the United States without first obtaining a court order.” The EPA cited this authority under the Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996 that centralized federal collection operations under the Treasury Department, which oversees garnishments of wages or tax refund checks. I am soooo sick of the legalized fascist crap coming out of these agencies. Lawyers will be the death of the Republic. Well, that and Marxists.

Sporting a set of iron balls, the regulatory asshats of the EPA are flipping us off:

Under the law, every federal agency has the authority to conduct administrative wage garnishment, provided the agency adopts approved rules for conducting hearings where debtors can challenge the amount of debt or terms of repayment schedule, a Treasury official said.

Still, the rule would give the EPA sweeping authority to dictate how and whether Americans could dispute fines and penalties, even as the amount of EPA fines collected from individuals, businesses and local governments steadily increase.

The amount of fines raked in by the agency has jumped from $96 million in 2009 to $252 million in 2012, a more than 160 percent increase, according to EPA annual reports.

Putting the collection powers on a fast track, the agency announced it in the Federal Register as a “direct final rule” that would take effect automatically Sept. 2, unless the EPA receives adverse public comments by Aug. 1.

The EPA said it deemed the action as not a “significant regulatory action” and therefore not subject to review.

Fortunately, a few were paying attention and the negative reactions started rolling in, conveniently ignored by the lapdog media. Chief among those raising the alarm are our friends at the Heritage Foundation, who decried the rule for giving the government “unbridled discretion” in controlling the process for challenging fines and wage garnishment, such as dictating the site of a hearing without consideration of the time and travel expense placed on the accused debtor. Hear, hear! David S. Addington, group vice president for research at The Heritage Foundation. went on to say the rule allows the EPA to decide whether a debtor gets a chance to present a defense and then picks whomever it chooses to serve as a hearing officer, even someone not trained as an administrative law judge. And in classic totalitarian form, it also puts the burden of proof on the debtor — not the EPA. How very convenient and unconstitutional.

There is now absolutely no doubt that the EPA is a thinly veiled militaristic arm of the Obama dictatorship. A raging, out of control EPA will conduct sanctioned theft from Americans and they will not be the only ones to do so. Unless we stop this regulatory nightmare and clean House and Senate by electing true conservatives, the Progressive Marxists will keep this up until we are truly a third world country. With illegal aliens arriving by the millions, combined with the jackbooted implementation of Obama’s agendas and his lawless regime, every city in America will become Detroit and every American will become nothing more than a serf in the collective.


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