Trevor Loudon picks Leaders of the 2nd American Revolution

Hat Tip: Dick Manasseri

Michael Cummins:

Trevor Loudon is an internationally acclaimed libertarian author, researcher, activist, blogger, and commentator. A leader of the libertarian movement in his native New Zealand – he is best known to Americans for his prominent role in the documentary motion picture film “Agenda” in which he eloquently exposes the left’s agenda to transform America.

He is also founder and editor of a rapidly growing website with the objective of bringing transparency to those aspects of U.S. and global politics that the left would prefer you not notice.

This is an excerpt from a presentation at a meeting of MEDEFCO
(Metro Detroit Freedom Coalition)

See the entire presentation at:


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11 thoughts on “Trevor Loudon picks Leaders of the 2nd American Revolution

  1. Trevor Louden talks great but disappoints now.
    Mark Levin wants more power to the government and to bring a new Constitution. (Liberty amendments = more power; not less, and ,convention of the states’ which Glenn Beck wants too, btw is truly known as a constitutional convention to throw out the old and bring in a new with the idiots, liars, thieves, and evil of corrupted so-called ‘representatives.’) Any so-called balanced budget amendment would enshrine more power to government, not less. (Remember the Federal government has only ‘limited enumerated powers’ which have been sold out by so many over years of BS representation.
    Allen West is all hot air/red meat thrower – Voted for the Pigford scam and allowed the Marxist ‘gang of eight’ -not State representation- as intended by the Constitution to go forward. Also, progressive caucus member.
    Sarah Palin sold out to the RINOs – Endorsed Orrin Hatch who just played out some of his dealings in the Mississippi Thad Cochran election corruption. Sarah talks about the ole boys network and then she endorses the 40+ year corrupt Orrin Hatch (Geez).
    Ted Cruz – Naturalized citizen thus Not eligible, period! (Two wrongs do not make a right). This is another thing Mark Levin is trying to convince others of, that Cruz is eligible when he is not. Cruz has been requested in October to come forward and tell all he is not eligible but so far has refused. Cruz too then, does not care about the Constitution either unless it fits his talking points for the day (Cruz does talk good for the most part though).
    Bolton went RINO a while back too.
    Ben Carson does not support second amendment.
    Rand Paul – 1) No voter ID, 2) Amnesty and 3) Endorsed Mitch McConnell (Say no more)
    What is needed is real citizen Statesmen.
    Trevor Louden is now suspect on any thing he says from this point forward.

    1. Can’t argue with any thing you wrote Rinos Everywhere.

      Would like to see Trey Gowdy as Attorney General and Ted Cruz as Secretary of State.

  2. And just to watch Lib heads explode:

    Ann Coulter – Supreme Court nominee
    Rush Limbaugh – First day White House Press correspondent (Can’t you just picture the looks on their faces when he comes out and plops the Gold Microphone on the podium?)

    Oh, and I disagree as to UN Ambassador-
    Neil Boortz.

  3. You don’t vote for president and vice president, you vote for the team that ticket will bring to power. Reagan had Schultz and Weinberger. GW Bush had Rumsfeld and Cheney.

    I like this guy’s thinking.

    Let me suggest Rick Perry as Secretary of Defense as a first thought although General Petraeus could be and option.

  4. Excellent team pick Trevor! I’m going to share on Twitter, with Ted Cruz and whomever else I can.

    GREAT suggestion!

    keep up the great work – your voice is very important.

    cheers from your Chicago fan living in Auckland

    Lisa G in NZ

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