The Final 4th?

By: Dick Manasseri

Free people are not equal, and equal people are not free.


Given the rampage toward the final transformation of America, could we be celebrating our final Independence Day?

Once considered shameful, Dependence is now more than okay, it’s “in.” Millions of Americans depend on their monthly check from the government, knowing that they did nothing to earn it and honestly, do not deserve it. It’s okay to game the system, if the system wants to be gamed.

Once considered a menacing monster that united us in fear and armed preparedness, Communism is now admired by the young (e.g. Rolling Stones), the very young (e.g. government school children), and the old (e.g. our Congressmen). Even the Pope professes the Gospel of Dependence according to Marx.

The hordes of unaccompanied children now invading our country are on the march with the full knowledge and complicity of a government that covets more Dependence for the masses, a government that planned the invasion and is now using strong-arm tactics to keep the new Dependency Camps off-limits from congressmen and governors alike.

Ironically, it was just last month that our Community Organizer-in-Chief quoted another famous Chief, Sitting Bull: “‘Let’s put our minds together to see what we can build for our children.’” Obama was decrying the plight of Indian children living on government reservations, even as he was knowingly using the plight of unaccompanied children from Central America to create more government dependency reservations within our borders.

Our churches are promoting Dependence having redefined the sacred word “sanctuary” to be synonymous with “social justice.”

Useful idiots in religious garb within our own parishes have been spreading this Marxist agenda, using “income inequality” and “social justice” as their war-cries – forgetting that:

Free people are not equal, and equal people are not free.

Freedom is just not as important as Equality anymore,
and only a tyrannical government can enforce Equality.

Equality of the dependent masses requires the death of the independent Middle Class upon the cross of forced income redistribution. The churches, the media, the DEMs, the RINOs and even the Chamber of Commerce are sacrificing the Middle Class into extinction via social justice sermons, media promoted political correctness, progressive legislation and unchallenged executive orders, leading us inevitably to the martial law that will be required to enforce the final transformation.

What might trigger the declaration of martial law within the next year?

• A Republican Senate following the 2014 election that could impeach the Transformer in Chief and jeopardize the final transformation.
• A humanitarian crisis of “refugees” that congressional gridlock refuses to remedy requiring the imposition of UN sanctions on America.
• An international incident provoked by Russia, China and Iran to assist its Partner-in-Chief.
• A Middle Class that finally sees and fights against its own impending extinction.

In order to celebrate July 4th, 2015 as another cherished Independence Day instead of National Social Justice Day, we, the grassroots, will need to find the courage to draw our own “red line.”

These gentlemen boldly declared the “red line” of our Independence – July 4th, 1776:

Now, God help us, it’s our turn.
We must declare the
The 2nd American Revolution
starting by drafting our own Leadership Team.


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11 thoughts on “The Final 4th?

  1. Both Trevor and I believe that this coalition movement is a way to take control of our government back. One merely has to see some of the hateful comments (as witnessed above) to see how the Progressive Left and the Liberal Progressive Right are both in full panic over this idea – which means we are doing exactly what we should do. Their talking points are eerily similar on both this blog and mine at

    . Trevor Loudon should be ashamed of himself.
    . After this, everything Trevor says and does is suspect.
    . Ted Cruz is ineligible.
    . And of course, the mud slinging and hate has begun – a sure sign of troll infestation.

    We expect the attacks to keep increasing in number and ferocity. We look forward to it.

    We fully support Ted Cruz and Allen West, but nothing is carved in stone. The most important aspect is that true Conservative leadership is brought into power. As pointed out above, no one will get everything they want, but everyone should get someone who fills the bill. Time to cleanse the system of Marxists and wishy washy, corrupt moderates.

    No candidate is perfect and if you seek only perfect candidates, then you will never win. You pick the most Constitutionally Conservative of the lot and move forward.

    We know that the Constitution must be followed. Individuals must be elected and taken thru the appointment process. So, when you hear those claiming that this won’t work and we are idiots because there are three branches of government, take it for what it is worth – nada. They are using Alinsky tactics to try and discredit our work and cause people to doubt a legitimate effort to wrest control back into American’s hands. Many of us are not fooled by this manipulation and will never cave, some are not so rooted in the fight quite yet. Don’t fall for the crap spewed by naysayers and people who are obviously plants.

    Not everyone we suggest will make it, but you have to start somewhere. Some will make it and some will fall, but you keep moving forward and you keep putting your best warriors out front. It doesn’t make us a bigger target, it makes us stronger in the face of evil.

    Dick has done wonderful work and Trevor’s message is electrifying Americans. It gives them hope we can win and you know what? We can. Our Founding Fathers also fought this fight. 2 to 3 percent fought and won. We have only just begun.

  2. From what I’ve read I don’t think Cruz is eligible and I’m not a big fan of R. Paul, however, I certainly could live with him as sec. of treas. Just want to keep him away from anything to do with our 2nd amend. and amnesty.
    But what I do like is the idea of running a full administration ticket like this one. The idea came from one of the writers here I believe. It doesn’t necessarily have be these exact selections in each position. However, running a full ticket will enlarge the tent and there will only be a few who will like every selection. But if they like one or more it would certainly help unite the party. All ticket candidates would campaign reaching more people with their codified message. Just my thoughts.

  3. Granted I have reservations regarding Ted Cruz’s eligibility, but being Constitutionally eligible is no longer a requirement, since Obama was selected without being vetted or any proof of citizenship…or for that matter what his real name is. So we’ll just assume Ted is eligible whether he is or not since we are living in Post-Constitutional America

    The rest of the above ticket, well not everyone picked is going to make everyone happy, there is no such thing as perfection in a candidate. But taking the ticket as a whole is is far more perfect than the Marxist-Muslim currently occupying the WH or the next Marxist radical running on the Communist Party ticket, oops Democrat Party ticket (although honestly no difference) It’s a start.

    1. Tim I agree with you. Ted Cruz is certainly a much better choice than our traitor in chief.At least they are all conservative and have proven themselves to be so.Please no more islamo-communist in our internment.

    1. Ted Cruz–is not eligible to be president! Rand Paul is an establishment whore. David Barton is a lying fool–he has poor character–even worse than Paul. Trey Gowdy has allied himself with the Muslim Brotherhood.

      Its those like you who are ruining this nation–you cannot see evil for who and what it is–pathetic!

      1. Give me FACTS for all these crazy accusations you are advancing. You must be a liberal.

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