Why Would The USDA Need Submachine Guns? Rogue Cows?

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton


From Breitbart this morning:

A May 7th solicitation by the U.S. Department of Agriculture seeks “the commercial acquisition of submachine guns [in] .40 Cal. S&W.”

According to the solicitation, the Dept. of Agriculture wants the guns to have an “ambidextrous safety, semiautomatic or 2 round [bursts] trigger group, Tritium night sights front and rear, rails for attachment of flashlight (front under fore group) and scope (top rear), stock collapsible or folding,” and a “30 rd. capacity” magazine.

They also want the submachine guns to have a “sling,” be “lightweight,” and have an “oversized trigger guard for gloved operation.”

Why the hell would the USDA need 40 caliber submachine guns? I’ll tell you why… the USDA oversees the Forest Service and the BLM. The BLM is in bed with the EPA. Obama’s new homeland military is all of the above and they are arming to the teeth.

Just today, three more instances of land grabbing crossed my desk:

I’m not a violent person. I believe in Constitutional law and resolution, but if there ever was an issue that could cause violent revolt in this country, it would either be the seizure of guns or land or both. We had better stop the EPA/BLM militarization, shut them down and rein in these rogue courts before we have another civil war on our hands. You can only push Americans so far and we are at a tipping point.


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4 thoughts on “Why Would The USDA Need Submachine Guns? Rogue Cows?

  1. The USDA, BLM or the Forest Service do not need submachine guns or any guns for that matter. .40 S&W is a round with excellent terminal ballistics, better than 9mm and just a bit shy of .45 ACP. So exactly who are they going to war with??? This is part the “Civilian Force” Obama was telling us he wanted, as well equipped and funded as the military.

    Folks this is what Obama has been dreaming of, the day he has the force necessary in place to impose his Marxist Utopia with his own “Army.”

    1. that and or sharia law. He’d just as soon that put us in our place. Our president practices taqiyya on a daily basis. We’re infidels so it’s second nature to him. The next few years are going to be interesting. I know my county sheriff is an Oathkeeper; just don’t know ho many deputies are…

      1. People need to realise that Obama is not muslim. Communists are atheists. Obama is an atheist. Plain and simple

        1. He admitted to being a muzzie on video and tried to cover it by saying um, er, Christian in its stead.
          When they left the mosque, uh er, the White House the also left a Prayer Room with all accuterments.
          He also wears a muzzie-brotherhood ring.
          And Islam is not a religion but an ideology plain and simple.

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