Time to Talk about the “M” Word

By: Dick Manasseri


What’s the probability that Martial Law will be declared by our Would-be-King prior to the 2016 elections?

In Obama, we have a Community Organizer, who thinks he is already King,
no longer in need of messy elections.

Rasmussen polls reveal the unease that people feel about the federal government:

…54% consider the federal government today a threat to individual liberty rather than a protector.


Just 19% of Likely U.S. Voters believe the federal government today has the consent of the governed.

Federal government overreach and/or malfeasance happens every day offering the kindling that could be ignited by fearful people on either side of the political spectrum, resulting in the excuse King Obama is waiting for to declare Martial Law in effect and our constitutional freedoms, null and void.

Wild Bill for America says not to worry; Americans won’t stand for it.

Some Thoughts on Martial Law offers an historical perspective
with some current peculiarities:

… dozens of federal agencies have Special Weapons and Tactics (“SWAT”) teams, including the Department of Education, the Department of Agriculture, the Railroad Retirement Board (really?), the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Office of Personnel Management, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

I fear that we do have a King that is happy to be a pawn in a bigger chess game.

Acting out bizarre parts scripted by others in order to weaken America.

He is most comfortable with fellow Communists

and followers of Islam.

Why wouldn’t Obama continue to covertly partner with
Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, even North Korea

to create one or more international crises in order to set the US Military on high alert, distracting them from a domestic incident, that he could manipulate into a declaration of Martial Law?

Isn’t it time for your State to recognize its constitutional responsibility and an institute an emergency plan of its own to:

• Warn the federal government that it will not comply with any manipulated declaration of Martial Law
o Restrict urban police forces armed by the Feds
o Rally its county sheriffs and guard units to protect its citizens
• Untie the strings that come with the acceptance of federal dollars
• Resist federal power abuses happening now via 10th Amendment Nullification
• Call for an Article V Convention of States to “Limit the Power and Jurisdiction of the Federal Government”

Ask yourself if the person (behind the Chamber of Commerce smile) asking for your vote this primary season has the guts to honor the sworn oath to “preserve and protect” the US Constitution, your liberty, your life… in the event of Obama’s Martial Law.

If the Governor, the state legislators and the county sheriffs are not up to the challenge, then all we have left is the

empowered by America’s 2nd Amendment gun owners, including the grassroots great-grandmother that I spoke with today who has decided to buy her first shotgun, just in case.

It’s time to put the “M” word on the table and deal with it pre-emptively!


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6 thoughts on “Time to Talk about the “M” Word

  1. Your article really got me thinking. Too many pieces of the puzzle are pointing in that direction. All the efforts on gun control. The demonizing of pro-constitution organizations as “domestic terrorists” and the IRS harassment. The massive class warfare going on (cause an economic collapse then incite a civil war?)

    One of my concerns is that the very fear of marshal law will be used by the government to create marshal law – As more people become concerned and attempt to protect themselves others will “demand” that the government do something about it and so the rounding up of these “domestic terrorists” will begin along with their weapons (lesson learned from Putin?). It could start against a truly radical group and/or with trumped up charges to minimize the public backlash. It is not a stretch to imagine how the two sides would become even more polarized and the situation quickly spin out of control.

    Not a pretty picture and one I hope and pray never happens…..

  2. Excellently written article. This reminds me of why the 2nd amendment is the most important of all. The 2nd amendment protects us when government fails to follow any of the other amendments. It is the last line of defense against tyranny and martial law. It will continually be important to send politicians to Washington that do not infringe and will do everything in their power to protect this God given right. As government becomes more of a master and less of a servant, politicians in Washington will do whatever it takes to abridge this right. Voters can’t let this happen.

  3. I think the progressive plan is more than obvious to many of us and those not aware are becoming aware. I live near a well known urban area and have many friends and associates that would not usually frequent sites and info as those of us reading this would.
    They are waking up. The arrogance of mad men is not as easily hidden in the world of today. As uneducated in history as the current public may be, the speed of information transfer in the world of today is just as powerful.
    For sure the progressives will try this as soon as their bloated egos think they can get away with it. For sure the American public is prepping at the same time.
    Great article.

  4. I don’t think the US gov has the military resources to even protect BLM offices and other properties.

    The idea that they could protect all of the Federal buildings, FBI offices, … is ridiculous.

    So if the Fed’s start the revolution, they will rapidly look incompetent and impotent.

    And that is before anyone goes after the electrical grid, the pipelines, … Without any coordination at all, individual action could bring the country to economic breakdown. There was a study of how to do that by the Naval Post-grad school in Monterey CA maybe 15 years ago.

    Poor people will, as always, be hurt the most.

    IMHO, we should do this non-violently, and take the casualties as the opposition did in Syria. OTOH, I have little confidence that the US gov is as concerned about its citizens well-being as Assad’s gov. Certainly our police have been trained to consider civilians as a different form life, deserving no respect.

  5. Yes the Manchurian candidate occupying the White House fits the stereotype, and it is wise to discuss and plan for the “M word.” As always, it depends on the aparatchiks that surround dictators to obey in sufficient numbers. While I agree another civil war will eventually be fought again on U.S. soil, it will probably involve world / global actors assisting U.S. progressives. I don’t think there are anywhere near enough actual U.S. citizens that would obey commands to impose martial law on their fellow citizens.

    Perhaps a good preemptive step is to force the United Nation’s headquarters Star Wars bar room scence off U.S. soil. We can conduct any espionage activities fostered through the UN on another country’s soil.

    County sheriffs are key. Bold and active U.S. citizens are needed in these posts as their power under our federalist system is immense. The optics of county sheriff’s arresting federal bureaucratic SWAT-type agencies would be immense. The counties across the land represent thousands of Lexington-Concord units at the ready.

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