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Ed Asner is an actor, a one time president of the Screen Actors Guild and a long time socialist activist.

Asner is famous for his roles in the 60’s sitcom, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and its spinoff “Lou Grant.” The public knows him less well as a DSA Marxist, Communist Party USA affiliate and 9/11 “Truther.”

In 1984, Ed Asner was one of the “co-sponsors” of the Ninth Annual Banquet of the Labor Research Association. This organization was identified as a Communist Party USA front. It cooperated with the Soviet international front group, the World Federation of Trade Unions.

Asner has long been involved in the US’ largest Marxist organization – Democratic Socialists of America.

In a fund raising letter of May 1990, on DSA stationery, Asner stated:

DSA believes in a fundamental redistribution of wealth and power in this country…Join with progressive public officials like Congressman Ron Dellums and San Francisco City Supervisor Harry Britt…who are working through DSA to bring together the day-to-day battles for social change with the longer-term strategies and visions.

Your contribution of $20, $35, $50, $100 or more will make you a “card-carrying” democratic socialist. It will push forward the work of promoting democratic socialist alternatives and building a progressive majority in the Nineties.

In 1994, Edward Asner was an initiator of the International Peace for Cuba Appeal, an affiliate of the Workers World Party dominated International Action Center.

Ed Asner was one of 100 “prominent Americans,” including President Barack Obama’s later disgraced Green Jobs Czar Van Jones, who signed an October 26, 2004 statement calling on the U.S. Government to investigate 9/11 as a possible “inside job.”

…we have assembled 100 notable Americans and 40 family members of those who died to sign this 9/11 Statement, which calls for immediate public attention to unanswered questions that suggest that people within the current administration may indeed have deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen, perhaps as a pretext for war.



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5 thoughts on “Weekly Featured Profile – Ed Asner

  1. hey Lou, please tell me how jet A could not weaken cast iron structure beams when jet engines in the
    ‘hotsection use incolnel, titanium and stainless….plz. tel mr. genious…

  2. As a former John Birch society chapter leader & section leader in the ‘sixties and ‘seventies, I am here to tell you that Barack Hussein Obama needs to be IMPEACHED and impeached IMMEDIATELY! He’s the real deal, a true-blue marxist socialist who COULD be a communist party u.s.a. member, but certainly is one who has telegraphed his intentions on many occasions that he wouldn’t mind a Sharia-style socialist America or WORSE! Make no mistake. I RECOGNIZE HIM AS THE ONE WHO THE J.B.S. WARNED US ABOUT ALL THOSE YEARS AGO, who would bring us at the very least Mitterandian socialism, “communism with a human face,” at least AT FIRST, then THE GLOVES COME OFF AND WE’LL BE FACING U.S. STYLE SOVIET SOCIALISM. Email your congrtessmen and women immediately and DEMAND his IMPEACHMENT. And there is plenty of reason for it. TREASON, BRIBERY, HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS, these are the standards for impeachment. Is there anyone out there who has followed Hussein in the last 4 1/2 years who doesn’t realize Obama is the POSTER BOY for impeaching? One fact: FRANK MARSHALL DAVIS, stalinist communist perty member for many years was Obama’s MENTOR for almost 10 years, both in Hawaii and after he came to the U.S.! (see the recent book “THE COMMUNIST” for corroboration.) OBAMA MUST GO, or we’re probably FINISHED! God Bless All, MARKRITE

  3. My suggestion tell the true story of Myran fagan warning us years ago about communism and illuminatti he knew he spook up and now forgotten the warning are over we are suffering we will be taken over totally even Our Blessed mothers warning thru sister lucie back in 1946 thru interview with Thomas Walsh dismissed it is over so get prepared pray pray pray do penance daily for the sinners including our selves

  4. People may say that nothing like 9/11 could possibly be allowed by our goverment. WRONG! Look who we have as a president. This guy could get away with anything and the idiot’s in goverment that support him will help cover it up. There are just too many red flags that show he is a Muslium and if the U.S. people don’t soon wise up we will be living in a communist nation. Yes, he is a U.S. citizen but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a communist. Perhaps the women of this great nation should look at how the Muslium’s traet their women because that is exactly how their daughters and grandaughters will be treated if this guy get’s his way.

    1. I wonder when Moslem (a religion) became aligned with the atheistic communism? The assertion seems absurd. But who needs logic when one has crack-pot “theorie?”

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