Throwing Terrorist Caution to the Whirlwind

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton


They have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.

The lawlessness of the Imperial President continues unobstructed… the Administration just issued new exemptions to a law that barred asylum-seekers and refugees who were deemed ‘questionable’ because of their terrorist associations. They provided “limited material support” to terrorists and are believed to pose no discernible threat to the US. We hope. These are individuals supposedly who provided things such as aid and comfort to the enemy – food and shelter – knowingly or unknowingly. Of course, these innocents would never lie – never.

The Daily Caller:

The Department of Homeland Security and the State Department published the new exemptions Wednesday in the Federal Register to narrow a ban in the Immigration and Nationality Act excluding refugees and asylum seekers who had provided limited material support, no matter how minor, to terrorists.

“These exemptions cover five kinds of limited material support that have adversely and unfairly affected refugees and asylum seekers with no tangible connection to terrorism: material support that was insignificant in amount or provided incidentally in the course of everyday social, commercial, family or humanitarian interactions, or under significant pressure,” a DHS official explained to The Daily Caller.

Right on cue, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson and Secretary of State John Kerry signed the exemptions. They couldn’t wait to bypass Congress once again and just willy nilly change immigration law. DHS contends that the law change is “commonsense.” Really? Looks to me like another back door for radicals that the current Administration hearts. The more violent the chaos, the better. It’s Valentine’s Day for communists. Why settle for amateur killers when you can get the real deal?


“In addition to rigorous background vetting, including checks coordinated across several government agencies, these exemptions will only be applied on a case-by-case basis after careful review and all security checks have cleared,” the official added. “This exemption process is vital to advancing the U.S. government’s twin goal of protecting the world’s most vulnerable persons while ensuring U.S. national security and public safety.”

So, the benevolent dictatorship gets to decide on a case-by-case basis who comes and who goes. Who is good and who is bad. Atlas is shrugging once again. God save us from Marxist bureaucrats.

Not everyone is feeling copacetic concerning this ruling of the status of those tinged only a bit by terrorism. Reasonable is in the eye of the beholder and former State Department official and current Director of Policy Studies for the Center for Immigration Studies, Jessica Vaughan, is wondering what I am — what give’s this Administration the right to unilaterally change the law?

“[T]here is a very legitimate question as to whether the administration actually has the authority to change the law in this way,” Vaughan wrote in an email to TheDC. “It seems to me that they are announcing that they will be disregarding yet another law written by Congress that they don’t like and are replacing it with their own guidelines, which in this case appear to be extremely broad and vague, and which are sure to be exploited by those seeking to game our generous refugee admissions program.”

Oh, and it will be exploited, granting access to more and more terrorists and radicals. All according to plan. Don’t fool yourselves into thinking this is being done by misguided feelings of charity to those caught up in international red tape. Nope. This is a gold plaited invitation to thugs, gangsters (who already are welcomed with open arms and veins), radical revolutionaries and Islamic terrorists. This should help to speed up societal collapse nicely in the US, while ratcheting up general terror and crime. Remember the movie Running Man? Well, America is about to experience it firsthand.

According to DHS, Section 212(d)(3)(B) of the INA permits either the Secretary of State or DHS Secretary in consultation with each other and with the U.S. Attorney General “to determine that certain terrorism bars of the INA do not apply.” So, this is random and totally up to these corrupt officials. Bribes will abound and favors will flow. Who needs to do away with the border with Mexico when we are becoming Mexico via diktat? Think the Boston bombing, rinse the blood away, repeat.

Of course the Progressives are lining up commending the decision, trumpeting justice for the misunderstood downtrodden who are involved by no fault of their own. Yeah right… they pass these decrees while hiding behind gated estates, security and preferential laws. They know exactly the devil they are inviting in.

Only the word of the individual will be cited in some instances. Well, that and power, influence, money, etc. We’ve elected one of the biggest criminals in history and he is about to turn all of America into Chicagoland replete with gang violence, terrorist attacks and Constitutional violations galore.

This is a glaring end-run around Congress. We are throwing terrorist caution to the whirlwind. Wonder when the reaping will occur?


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