A US Military “Pivot” To Asia, Turns Into Chinese Ascension

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton


NavyAdm. Samuel J. Locklear III delivered an ominous warning this week finally saying what I have been saying for over a year – the Chinese are growing in military might and are growing stronger than the US. Our military superiority is declining due to a lack of funding to modernize our weaponry, the purge of seasoned high-level officers and the gutting of the rank and file.

Obama’s propagandized ‘Asian Pivot’ is being outed by the upper brass. Unfortunately, it may be a case of too little, too late as the dark horse has left the barn by the planned open door policy of our Marxist regime. Three years ago, the Pentagon proclaimed that it was de-emphasizing its presence in Europe in favor of moving the bulk of our might to the Asia-Pacific region. But it hasn’t done much to deter China as they have aggressively modernized and expanded their weapons cache and bulked up their numbers in the military ranks. They are emboldened, due to the obvious weakness of the US and our lack of appetite to confront a major enemy. Instead, choosing diplomacy and the twisted logic of trying to switch from the US as the protector of the world (which it should never have been), to China. Incredibly, it appears Obama wants to put the Chinese communists in charge. But then again, it has been part of his plan all along. Saying ‘I told you so’ this time is a bitch.

Even as Locklear declared the growing military threat of China, he sidestepped into a statement that leaves me incredulous. He stated that it was unclear whether China would seek to be a hard adversary to the US in the long term. Locklear suggested that Washington should work towards steering Beijing toward a cooperative security posture. Say what? You’re unsure if China is a hard adversary to the US – well, duh. You don’t cooperate with the Chinese dragon… you slay it, submit to it or it eats you. This is more liberal logic — be nice and deferential to your enemy, grovel before them on your knees and then trust them to do the right thing. You might as well run neon lights proclaiming our weakness to our enemies. You’ve done everything but draw an actual bull’s eye on America with a ‘Nuke Me’ sign taped on for good measure. How absolutely moronic and suicidal can you get.

So, we get the wisdom of the Pacific Command’s goal for China which is “to be a net provider of security, not a net user of security.” The only security China is interested in is theirs. They’ll feel secure once they conquer the South and East China Seas and deal with the US. Beijing and Moscow must be laughing their red bottoms off after hearing this nonsense. They are challenging our military dominance and what do we do? We ask them to protect America and the world. I swear, it looks to me for all the world that Obama and company are holding the door for China and Russia and offering up the US in exchange for whatever they can personally get. If I hear one more time that these are former Cold War enemies, I think I will go ballistic. The threat never stopped and saying over and over that it is gone, makes as much sense as saying al Qaeda is decimated. It just isn’t so and they know it.

Dean Cheng at the Heritage Foundation had this to say and he is right:

“The problem with this formulation is, for whom does Adm. Locklear think China will be providing security?” said Dean Cheng, an analyst at the Heritage Foundation. “The implicit answer is ‘to everyone,’ because the assumption is that we can somehow mold China into being ourselves — that China will see its interests as somehow congruent and coincident with those of the United States, and therefore China will assume the mantle of regional provider of public goods.

“But this is a remarkable assumption, especially in light of recent Chinese behavior. China is not interested in providing security for everyone and, frankly, not even for anyone other than itself. This is the kind of bizarre lens that led one of Adm. Locklear’s predecessors to offer to help China with its carrier development.”

Of course the Chinese are using Locklear’s statements as propaganda for the masses. They are trumpeting the weakness of America. Which makes me wonder why Locklear would even make these statements. Surely he knew China would use them as fodder against us and his words would make us appear even weaker to our foes. What happened to military decorum? Just whose side is he on? Oh, wait… Obama’s. Look no further than the fact that Locklear is still in charge and the fact that he would come out and make these statements, bolstering one of our arch enemies. Jin Canrong, a Deputy Dean of the School of International Studies at Renmin University of China, said the American admiral’s comments recognize China as a rising military power. Did you ever dream that America’s military leaders would verbally — willingly — abdicate our superiority? There are evidently a few left that haven’t betrayed America just yet. Jin Canrong also said, “However, some people, who sit in their offices in Washington, tend to hold a more hard-line position toward China.” Thank God for that, but it is not much comfort as those few, those happy few, are being purged.

With revamped nuclear submarines, missile launchers, aircraft/bombers, hypersonic weapons and killer satellites, China is getting ready for a dance with America. Unfortunately for America, we have been such a wallflower that our military stance is outmoded, depleted and no longer up to the task of serious defense, much less deterrence. The cherry on top is Obama’s reduction of our nuclear arsenal, while Russia and China are increasing theirs. That nuclear clock is ticking.

With China making moves in the South and East China Seas to take over international waters and islands, while making it clear to Japan and South Korea who the real power in the region is, the US has run into confrontations with China in the air and at sea recently. Each move in this game of RISK with China brings us closer to confrontation of the nuclear sort. Instead of declaring weakness, we should be making a show of force that will rock the Chinese back on their heels and get them to retreat. Nothing ever stays the same – it either gets better or worse. Right now, things militarily are definitely getting worse:

Critics contend that the strategic pivot is not working because the Navy fleet is shrinking while the Chinese navy expands.

Patrick Cronin, senior director of the Asia-Pacific Security Program at the Center for a New American Security in Washington, recently told The Washington Times that the U.S. is facing “a long game” when it comes to China.

Developments such as Beijing’s air defense zone may be “small tactical gambits,” Mr. Cronin said. But if the U.S. does not “respond and we don’t remain strong, then China will unilaterally redefine the region in a way that we do not recognize.”

Having suffered losses in the Middle East due to liberal/Progressive policies, America now turns her gaze towards Asia. But it is just more self-flagellation. Our military tactics are not changing and losing begets more losing. Obama knows this. I believe he would be thrilled to see a New World Order under the communists – both Russian and Chinese, with Islamic totalitarianism thrown in for good measure.

Someone should also inform the Pentagon that if you have to ask how to be more lethal, you have a very, very serious problem. The Chinese, Russians and Iranians do not suffer from such deadly dithering as do our leaders apparently. Obama has deliberately spread our forces too thin across the globe. Obama has no intention of success in the Middle East, except for the elimination of Israel and the neutering of America. His aspirations in Asia are more of the same. His battle plan is the only thing that is transparent here, yet we continue to clamor for more bread and circuses in the US, while the Capitulator-in-Chief surrenders in the open and behind closed doors to our enemies. They call it “rebalancing.” And the Marxists are invoking the Trans-Pacific Partnership — a wide-reaching free trade agreement. In other words, a global redistribution of wealth on steroids and a Marxist’s dream come true. In an emergency, any excuse will do to implement communist doctrine.

A US military “pivot” to Asia has turned into Chinese military ascension. China’s aggression and plans of conquest are obvious to anyone who cares. Locklear says he is more concerned by North Korea. Really, they are one and the same threat. Until we get serious about ejecting the communists from within and without in America, we will be sitting ducks militarily and the Chinese are excellent marksmen.


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5 thoughts on “A US Military “Pivot” To Asia, Turns Into Chinese Ascension

  1. I fear that we are seeing history in the making. I wouldn’t go to Taiwan if you value your life. China ia making moves. They have read the tea leaves and they don’t think the U.S. will stop them if they make a few strategic moves. They will take Taiwan in a matter of hours and then it is done, over. They will make moves on a few strategically placed islands that control their dominance of the South China sea. Then they will reinforce their positions and create a situation where we would have to commit massive conventional forces to reverse it all OR resort to nuclear war. What do you think this administration will do? My gut tells me they can get away with it. I suspect it will be preceeded by some kind of diversion that will put our forces on the other side of the world. Hmmmm. What is on the other side of the world from Taiwan? Could it be the Middle East?

    1. Gone, Taiwan is very well prepared militarily. It also has financial leverage over the Chi-coms. It is not like they have not been preparing for an attack since, oh, 1945 when the legitimate government of China relocated to Formosa. Yes, an attempted invasion by the Chi-coms would be a disaster for the area, not in the least for “China.” There are military alliances in the Pacific that would function in the absence of the United States. The really big problem, described in the article is, which side would we take? As with the GWOT we would switch sides and ally with the enemy. The governments of the Western Pacific see this coming and are making their own arrangements. Have you heard about the joint operations with the IRGC and our army in Syria?

      1. I hope you are right. I am aware that Taiwan is “prepared”. I am also aware that China intends to soften it with a massive missile and artillary barrage and then invade it and secure it in under 24 hours. They are not concerned with the military or civilian population they simply want to secure it and occupy it before the U.S. or anyone else can stop them. Once it is theirs it wil be very difficult to remove them. They have more then enough weaponry and manpower to do this it is merely a matter of when not if.

  2. “Obama and company are holding the door for China and Russia and offering up the US in exchange for whatever they can personally get.” – Says it all.

    Sadly the “company” includes Progressive RINOs who are looking out for their wallets/egos instead of the country.

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