Amazon Reviewers on “THE ENEMIES WITHIN: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress”

After selling several thousand copies of my latest book, The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress, on Amazon, Kindle and Nook, I thought I’d print some of the reader’s reviews.


They tend to be a little polarized. Mainly between those who have read it and those who haven’t.

From Amazon:

From Jeff Nyquist:

This book contains the keys for understanding the political process in America. The Communist fronts of the 1930s and 40s never disappeared, but merely changed their names or even remained as they were. The end of the Cold War, it turns out, was irrelevant for the continued advance of socialism in America. All the basic methods for infiltrating American institutions were at hand, and the socialists were determined to change the country, change its economic system, and eliminate capitalism as far as they were able. In fact, this book also shows that the conservatives have dropped their guard even as they have dropped the ball. Nowhere do we find a firm counter to socialist extremism. Everywhere the socialists grab issues, even inventing crises where there are none. In this book we learn about the various fronts in the war of the far left to remake America as a socialist society. Immigration, the environment, and minority issues are shown as major avenues for the advance of socialism. If you want to understand what’s really going on in the U.S., you have to read this.

From B. Wolinsky “Spudlicker”:

The USA is in trouble thanks to the liberals, ladies and gentlemen. High school cafeterias will soon be forced to offer pita as well as white bread, shopping malls will have to let women breastfeed in the food court, and if things couldn’t be worse, we’ll have to let kids opt for soccer instead of football. Some say it’s the president. Others say it’s Congress. But regardless, one thing is certain; it’s all a big conspiracy!

Nobody could possibly know this stuff better than Trevor Loudon, a man who must have spent at least two weeks in the USA, and researched this book from the dangerous streets of Christchurch. It is clear from his book that the Soviet ideology hasn’t really been dead for the past 25 years, but alive and well thanks to a conspiracy by members of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Whether anything in this book is true or not, I don’t know, but one thing is certain. Right wing conspiracy fanatics will be fleeing to New Zealand, and I’ll gladly help them pack their bags.

From Panchito:

Following his most revelatory and veridical exposé (“Barack Obama and the Enemies Within”) of the sequence of hardcore-Left inner-circles that Barack Obama has moved surrounded by throughout his entire life until now, when he is “occupying” the White House, now Loudon comes up with this other very revelatory exposé on the deep and broad penetration of the hardcore-Left in the federal government of this country, in this particular case, in the US Senate and the US House of Representatives..

This new excellently timely and thorough exposé by Loudon is a must-read by every single patriotic non-leftist American.

From Jazzpaul:

A complete waste of time and money. Garbage. This book is not serious and is designed to appeal to the lunatic fringe. An embarrassment to true conservatives.

From David Lee:

Trevor Loudon has created a masterwork here. It is a fascinating, horrifying, hall of monsters and clowns. The fact that we put many of these people in the Executive branch is proof to me that we must limit the voting franchise to those who pay more tax money than they receive.

From Tricky Nicky:

Conservatives in general are not very informed people. To paraphrase John Stuart Mill, “Not all conservatives are stupid people, but all stupid people are conservatives.” This book proves it, since everything in it is completely and factually wrong.

The enemies within are Republicans and conservatives. They need to get out of my country and move to a place where their political and ideological views are better represented–you know, maybe a place like Iran.

From Zumba lady:

As a nation, we need to quite playing the proverbial ostrich and get our heads out the ground. This book is very enlightening and frightening, both. I just pray our country has not sunk so low that we loose it to our enemies: i.e. the communists, socialists and progressives.

From Snoopy the Goon:

I have experienced first hand some of the pleasures of living in totalitarian society. Granted, the society was already on its last legs when I left it, but very much alive and kicking during my childhood and youth. And this society was very adept, even in its dying days, in spreading the poison of quasi-communist propaganda. One of the aspects of this propaganda was extensive references to the (alleged or true?) myriads of friends and supporters abroad. Growing up, I have rid myself of belief in that propaganda, together with the stories about international web of support, seemingly empty bragging of an expiring communist behemoth.

In my naive first opinion, communists belong in the past, with dinosaurs, witchcraft and horse manure in the streets. While I was aware of continuing existence of communists in the West (even some with hardcore Stalinist views), their numbers, their seeming impotence and lack of influence allowed my hitherto dismissive outlook on that bunch…

Not anymore. I wouldn’t offer any spoilers, but I have to say that Trevor’s book is a real shocker for anyone who, like I, was ignoring the threat that continues to dig under the foundations of our societies. The book isn’t an easy read, don’t expect to enjoy it (unless you are a communist yourself, of course), but it is a treasure of documented, meticulously researched evidence on the worms in the woodwork. The book will not leave you apathetic. I, as one who is familiar with the results of the plague called “communism”, certainly can’t remain indifferent.

In short – go and get this book. Read it, but read it good.

From James Nix:

Trevor Louden has self-published a book that is devoid of any logic, reason, and research. It’s so bad that it should be placed in the fantasy fiction section, as he fabricates what is in Congress with. This book is not about factual information, but of Louden’s diminished mental health and his delusions.

From Darren T. Johnson:

This documented comprehensive exposure of WHO and HOW this once great country has been and is increasingly betrayed and collapsed by long known political ASSASSINS who have infiltrated the American Congress is a MUST READ for ever American who wants to have the life for himself and his family that has made this country the greatest place to live on the planet. Failure to learn about these traitors who have assumed the label of “Democrats,” but are, in fact, the Marxist traitors Communists and Socialists who were exposed, scorned, and rejected following World War II, Such failure condemns all who live within this nation to a mediocre life of subjection under the club footed bureaucratic dominance of these horrendous traitors, the communists and socialists. It’s past time to begin supporting those who can and will fight against, openly expose and expel these traitors.

From David:

If you shook the head of this author I’m sure it would rattle. This book is just plain nuts. Or maybe it was written by a room full of chimpanzees with typewriters.

From Calvin Fields:

If I was teaching a course in Political Science or Government, this would be one of the required textbooks! Finally, a competent researcher who also has the courage of his convictions has shined the light where it should be: The Communist Party Internationale. If you honestly want to know the single cause of America’s problems, from social to economic to moral, look no further. Get and read this essential book!

The first 170 pages provides proof after proof, mostly from the words and activities of Communists themselves, their own statements, that the American Democratic Party has now been taken over and is being run the The International Communist Party, literally! Many specific names are named and all their sociopolitical interconnections are revealed. (The book has a good index so you can use it as a reference book. Look up to see the Communists in your state, for example. You might be surprised.) This is no joke and it is undeniable with so much proof! Moreover, Loudon’s book details exactly how the Communists organize to push Communist Policies through the shell or front (The Democratic Party) to implement Communist Laws and Policies into our federal, state, county, and municipal laws. Although what I am about to say is not stated explicitly, it is easy to deduce and conclude, if you know anything about Soviet espionage, that Moscow has been orchestrating the deconstruction of Constitutional Law in America and supplanting it with Communist Laws for decades. All these liberal sounding and goofy laws such as, for example “environmentalism”, “social justice,” “affirmative action,” “diversity,” “gun “control,” “equal rights,” “nuclear disarmament,” and on and on, are in reality, catchy marketing tags to cover the real intent of these agendas: To GRADUALLY destroy America from within by strangulation!

The rest of the book, 506 pages, is an encyclopedia of “Congressional Biographies” proving the Communist identities of 65 specific U.S. House Members! In other words, at the minimum, 65 of the U.S. House are literally Communist Agents. Since the House is always more conservative than the U.S. Senate, can you imagine how many Communists must be running the Senate? If you are a concerned citizen, you must read this book now!

To order the book in time for Christmas, go here now!


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5 thoughts on “Amazon Reviewers on “THE ENEMIES WITHIN: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress”

  1. I don’t have a problem with commies who pay their honest share of the taxes they consistently insist on hiking , but they all seem to dodge and cheat big time in this area.

  2. Critics of Trevor’s new book, including Tricky Nicky, Jazzpaul and James Nix have one thing in common, they haven’t cited one fact or statement that they consider false, lunatic, etc.

    They criticize the material without ever telling us what is wrong with it, a typical leftist diversion tactic worthy of the late, RIH (Rest in Hell) Saul Alinsky and his “Rules for Radicals”. How do I know about Alinsky? I heard him speak and talked to him. Sleazy was the word I wrote across my notes, like a snake-oil salesman with too much oil on him.

    Much of the information about the various congressmen and women mentioned in the book come from various communist and marxists sources, not second hand conservative books or columns. That is an important fact in trying to assess the accuracy of the information.

    If a Communist Party USA ad/notice or article says that Rep. Danny Davis (D-Ill) is going to or did speak at one of their events, or front events, would you doubt it? Remember, a lot of the documents cited are actually reproduced in the body of the text for the reader to see. Rose-colored glasses are not really good for reading, comrades.

    I know that “facts” are out-of-style when talking about things today, but, hey, the book is full of them, while you critics are full of something else.

    Provable and demonstrative “facts” don’t lie, but communists and their fools do.

  3. quote
    “The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist Nation, without knowing how it happened.” unquote
    Norman Thomas – Socialist leader of the early 20th century

    The Democrat Party and it’s people are now the party and people of Socialist Marxism / Communism, and worse, Obama- a devout disciple of his mentor Frank Marshall Davis / Socialist Marxist Communist, along with Obama’s father and other family member ties, have combined Islamism into the Socialist Marxist doctrinal policy and end goal agenda equation.

    “Benghazi Reveals Obama-Islamist Alliance” – James Lewis 1 Nov, 2012

    “End Game of Obama Dictatorship: Tyranny Rising”
    Sher Zieve Sept 15, 2013

    “Since 2009, I have been writing and saying on-air that it was and is Barack Hussein Obama’s intent to replace any and all Shiite Muslim leadership with that of the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood (Note: Obama’s “family” members are leaders in the Kenyan branch of the Muslim Brotherhood). That is precisely what he is doing, now, and has been affecting since the beginning of his reign as Dictator-in-Chief of the “New American [Obama] Colonies.”

    With this new and yet to be fully realized Syrian adventure (the “Sunni conversion” in Egypt and Libya was already “in the can” for Obama…until the people of Egypt rebelled against it), Obama must continue to work toward toppling Ba’athist leader and Shiite Muslim Bashar Assad and replacing him with an MB operative; no matter what he has to do to accomplish it.

    As each day passes and Obama becomes bolder in his foreign policy insanity, his actual personal membership in the Muslim Brotherhood seem increasingly obvious. Yet, those who know it in the media and Congress refuse to allow any of its members to speak the truth that is directly in front of them. And, with his favorable numbers on the wane in a distinct downward slide, The Obama syndicate must work even more quickly to establish its Police State and subjugate the population of the former United States of America.”

    If America is set on a self-destruction path, Obama is it’s captain steward to lead it there. Why would any Free and Independent Republic Nation elect then re-elect a leader to that end/ our- We the People’s Freedom and Liberty end.

    This is the power and inherent danger of indoctrination, of turning people into blind obedient loyal followers of a false ideology and it’s cult idol Obama.

    History is full of once free nations, cultures, societies, that have been internally destroyed by it’s people’s own hands, not just from external forces at the gate.

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