The shocking ‘Affluenza’ story you haven’t heard

Terry Bean with Obama by Air Force One via Washington Times
Terry Bean with Obama by Air Force One via Washington Times

In 2013, 16-year-old Ethan Couch drunkenly slammed into a broken-down vehicle on the road, killing four people.

Also in 2013, Terry Bean, 66, and his lover Kiah Lawson, 25, allegedly had sex with a 15-year-old boy in an Oregon hotel room.

What do these stories have in common? “Affluenza.”

Why do you know about Ethan Couch but not Terry Bean? Read on.

“Affluenza Case Study #1:” Ethan Couch

Couch was sentenced to time in the Tarrant County juvenile detention center while awaiting orders for his “therapy at a long-term, in-patient facility” in addition to ten years probation as reported at the Star-Telegram. Couch, now 18, fled earlier this month as he was “facing the prospect of a court hearing that could have sent him to jail.”

Couch was found with his mother in Puerta Vallarta after a mere few weeks on the run.

As an aside, the New York Times reported that Couch was due to be in court Jan. 19 “on the request to move the case to adult court.” This author is not an attorney, but wasn’t Couch already tried, convicted and sentenced?

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, “Every 53 minutes on average, someone is killed in a drunk driving crash…” yet Ethan Couch is all over the news. The New York Times has featured him in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 separate news stories.

Why? A reckless 16-year-old boy fell quite nicely into a narrative promoted ad nauseum by the mainstream media. One rarely hears about those killed in that horrific crash in 2013, but everyone knows about the “Affluenza teen.”

The mainstream media’s mentality can be summed up the following gleeful headlines:

If Ethan Couch was an illegal immigrant, or pretty much anyone other than a wealthy white male, it is unlikely that you would know his name.

“Affluenza Case Study #2:” Terry Bean

Terry Bean (the one cited above who allegedly had sex with a 15-year-old boy), is the co-founder of the “largest LGBT civil rights advocacy group and political lobbying organization in the United States.” Innocuously-named “Human Rights Campaign (HRC),” the organization is behind the local ordinances that say men-should-be-allowed-in-girl’s-room if they identify as women. The HRC’s efforts in imposing local ordinances, with the notable exception of Houston, have been remarkably successful.

The HRC website gushes:

HRC is working for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equal rights in all 50 states…As of April 1, 2015, there are more than 100 anti-LGBT bills in 29 state legislatures.


HRC co-founder Terry Bean, of course, is also an Obama Bundler who “raised more than a half a million dollars for the president’s reelection campaign,” as reported at The Hill. In fact, Bean and his former much-younger boyfriend actually met with Obama at the White House.

In 2013, from a must-read report at OregonLive:

“The Lane County indictments follow a tumultuous relationship between Bean, 66, and Lawson, 25, that unraveled after Lawson discovered Bean had a hidden camera in the bedroom of his Southwest Portland home in the West Hills, according to Dickey [Lawson’s attorney]…Lawson had found Bean was surreptitiously videotaping his sexual encounters with Lawson and a handful of other men, Dickey said. The falling out led to each taking out restraining orders against the other earlier this year, and Bean trying to evict Lawson from Bean’s Jantzen Beach condo…Lawson accompanied Bean on several trips, to his Palm Springs’ home, to a meeting with President Obama at the White House, to the Dominican Republic and Italy, Dickey said.”

As observed at the Hill:

“The co-founder of a group that protects gay, lesbian and transgender rights and a big-time Obama supporter allegedly violates a juvenile’s rights, and there’s no national coverage?”

Bean also co-founded the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, which backs LGBT candidates for various elected positions. The list of individuals supported by the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund includes radical left-wing representatives Mark PocanMark Takano, Tammy Baldwin, Jared Polis, and Kyrsten Sinema among others.

As reported at USAToday, Bean has given thousands of dollars to “Hillary Clinton, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Sen. Dick Durbin, and Rep. Barney Frank, among others.”

Terry Bean with the Clintons via the San Francisco Chronicle
Terry Bean with the Clintons via the San Francisco Chronicle

The case against Bean and his ex-boyfriend was dismissed “because their accuser refused to testify,” as reported at OregonLive. According to the article, the prosecutor said “Bean had offered the boy at least $200,000 to settle the case.”

Affluenza. But in this case, Terry Bean is protected by a narrative.


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