Editorial: Can Mitch Pitch His Way Out?

By: Dick Manasseri
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McConnell has a ‘Tea Party’ challenger

The Boston Red Sox may have won the World Series last week, but the boys in the GOP are still playing “hardball.”

According to AllahPundit: “You have the most influential GOP establishment fundraising arm declaring war on the most influential grassroots tea-party fundraising arm, which has already declared war on the establishment.”

“This is happening because Mitch McConnell is having a complete meltdown,” adds Matt Hoskins, executive director of the Senate Conservative Fund. “He can’t defend his record, so he’s threatening and attacking everyone who disagrees with him. He’s so rattled, he has decided to declare war on the entire conservative movement, which represents the very people he needs to win re-election.”

The declaration-of-war has been duly accepted, and the Madison Project, like the Senate Conservative Fund, has identified the failed leadership of McConnell as the reason he should be their “primary target” for 2014. Both groups have endorsed Matt Bevin to challenge the GOP Senate leader in the Kentucky Republican Primary next summer. Even the New York Times is paying attention to Matt Bevin due to the strategic nature of this battle.

McConnell has become an expert at the “inside baseball” that he plays every day with Harry Reid; he voted to fund Obamacare and even stole an extra base by getting the Kentucky Kickback included in the otherwise “clean” continuing resolution.

It remains to be seen how many people who have been hit by the Obamacare screwball will recognize Mitch as the pitcher who could have “waved off the sign” from Harry Reid and just walked off the mound with Team Cruz.

How many out-of-state people will throw their support behind Bevin and retire McConnell? Only time will tell.

Dick Manasseri, a resident of Rochester Hills, is a big fan of the US Constitution, doing whatever he can to preserve and protect it for his children and grandchildren.


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6 thoughts on “Editorial: Can Mitch Pitch His Way Out?

  1. Once again, our friend Dick Manasseri has hit the nail squarely on the head, or, to use baseball terminology, has “knocked one out of the park.” As a high school student watching the 1968 elections, I heard third-party candidate George Wallace make the remark, “There isn’t ten cents worth of difference between the Republican and Democratic parties.” This remark seems to have been proven to be prophetic. While there were clear differences between Nixon and McGovern in 1972, between Ford and Carter in 1976, between Reagan and Carter in 1980, etc., I am really having a hard time distinguishing the current RINO leadership of the GOP from the Democrat leadership, except perhaps, in the degree to which the RINOs suffer from the same corruption as do the Democrats. (The RINOs remind me of the fellow who goes out and gets dead drunk every other night who boasts that he is not nearly as bad as his neighbour who goes out and gets dead drunk every sinlge night.) I have said for some time that the Republicans are very, very close to going the way of the Whigs, and, if the GOP RINO leadership “succeed” in pushing out and otherwise marginalising TEA Party candidates, then these RINOs are hosting their own party’s funeral. Should McConnel be worried about his job? Well, I was driving through northern Kentucky a couple of months ago, and can tell you that the radio attack ads McConnel is runnning against Matt Bevin are downright vicious. So, as the Kingston Trio put it, “It takes a worried man to sing a worried song.” The future of the GOP is now in the hands of the primary voters. And, I will predict that if the RINOs are not “primaried-out” in the 2014 election cycle, then the TEA Party will eventually, (sooner rather than later), end up splitting with the GOP, and forming a new, and truly conservative, party. The 2016 election would then end up being between Hilary, a RINO, and a true conservative from the TEA Party ranks that the RINOs will have exiled from the GOP. In such a scenario, Hilary would win by a plurality, just as her husband did in 1992. After that, (providing that the US Federal Government has not collapsed under the weight of its ever-growing debt), a new and truly conservative party could win big in 2020, but not before. As the psychic-turned-comedian, Criswell, used to say at the beginning of Ed Wood’s movies, “We are all interested in the future, for that is where we are going to spend the rest of our lives.” For the GOP, their future, if they are going to have one, will be determined by what happens in the 2014 primaries. What remains to be seen is whether or not the RINO leadership of the GOP will embrace their own TEA Party members, or will sink their own ship. Whatever happens, I don’t expect to be bored watching how it will all play out!

  2. When I saw what the former Chief of Staff of Sen. McConnell, in his
    position with the National Republican Senate Committee, has done in
    attempting to ex-communicate Jamestown Associates from doing any consulting with the NRSC or any other Republican campaign I became
    convinced to financially support the CSF.

  3. We’ve got to stand up to the Washington establishment of democrats and progressive republicans and offer an alternative. It starts with getting useless RINOs like McConnell, Graham, Corker, etc. out of the Senate. Obviously, they don’t care for constitutionally limited government. If we start to see more conservatives who actually vote conservatively elected, there will hopefully be a push back in the other direciton.

  4. Dick and his counterparts are exactly right.

    You know, years ago, one could hear people say “there’s no difference between the democrats and the republicans. At first glace, one would say “empty rhetoric, they just don’t know the 2-party system and the real deal”. Not so fast, it’s true!!

    These moderate republicans like McConnell and McCain just perpetuate the governance as usual. We need to throw these guys out with the voting ballot to get change. Make no doubt, these moderate republicans are in the bullpen warming up to support the dems in calling for tax increases to help the insatiable appetite for spending.

    Let’s step back, look at Colorado. The liberals voted in governor Hickenlooper and several liberal legislators. So what happens? Immediately they vote in a gun control bill that Hickenlooper signs.

    So Colorado voters execute two recalls of the legislators that sponsored the bills with another one coming.

    Behind the curtains 11 counties in the northeast are advocating sucession from Colorado to Wyoming. Won’t happen but it sure is getting the governors attention!!

    Gotta vote, people, gotta vote.

  5. The positive outcome of the recent CR and obamacare votes are that we now have identified the true conservative Republicans and RINOs. The battle lines are becoming more clear by the day. No more rolling over because some dem threatens a nuclear option or veto. Bring it on.

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