Ecuadorian President Projects Own Nazi Tendencies Onto US
By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
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Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa

So the Ecuadorian President is comparing the US’ talk of exceptionalism to Nazi Germany’s rhetoric? Pardon me while I laugh at the finger pointing from another communist tyrant. This morning’s giggle comes from The Daily Beast:

Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa said that American exceptionalism is reminiscent of Nazism “before and during World War II.”

“Does not this remind you of the Nazis’ rhetoric before and during World War II? They considered themselves the chosen race, the superior race, etc. Such words and ideas pose extreme danger,” Correa told RT Spanish.

Correa referred to President Barack Obama’s statement that “America is exceptional” because it stands up for the world’s interests not just its own. However, Correa said that the U.S. has and will continue to violate international law.

Seriously? He refers to Obama’s statement on American exceptionalism? Actually, Obama has gone out of his way to point out how America is not exceptional. Notice that Correa did not point at any of Obama’s blatantly fascist statements that he has made during his term or his egregious violations of our Constitution. It’s a commie game – reds of a feather.

Correa accuses the US of violating international laws and insists the UN be moved from New York City. Well, I finally agree with a communist on something. We should move the UN the hell out of the US, preferably into the netherworld.

Make no mistake, Correa is a brutal dictator who has a penchant for ruthlessly silencing journalists and critics of his regime. He was an ardent supporter of Hugo Chavez and is cuddling with Iran and Syria. He also hearts China. Ecuador has been attacking Chevron for decades as well.

Correa is a supporter of the terrorist group FARC. He advanced a neo-communist coup in Ecuador in 2007 and has ruled the country ever since.

From Once Upon A Time In The West we see the communist underpinnings of his regime:

1) Presidency of Rafael Correa with support of Proud and Sovereign Fatherland Alliance (socialist), January 21st Patriotic Society Party (left nationalist), Ethical and Democratic Network (leftist), Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador/Movement for Popular Democracy, Socialist Party-Broad Front (merger of Socialist Party of Ecuador and Broad Front, formerly front for Communist Party of Ecuador), Pachakutik Plurinational United Movement-New Country (left indigenous), Democratic Left Party (social democratic), and Citizens’ Power Movement: 2007-present


13) Socialist Party-Broad Front (PS-FA): Founded in 1995, this radical left party is a marger of the Socialist Party, founded in 1933, and the Broad Front, founded in 1977 as a front for the Communist Party of Ecuador. The PS-FA associates with the CSL and supports President Rafael Correa.


In March 2007 Li Changchun, senior pointman of the Communist Party of China (CPC), traveled to Quito where he met with leftist Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa in Quito. Li affirmed that China intends to continue “equal and mutually beneficial” cooperation with Ecuador, while Correa insisted said Ecuador wishes to “advance bilateral cooperation in all fields on the basis of sticking to the one-China policy.” Ecuador’s neo-communist president added that “the ruling party of Ecuador is also willing to make more contacts with the CPC and learn from China’s successful experience.” Contrary to the coverage of the People’s Daily Online above, the Correa regime does not feature a ruling party as such but, rather, a coalition of leftist parties, some with and others without parliamentary representation, that support the president.

Correa has a great deal in common with Obama:

At the start of 2006 Presidential campaign, Rafael Correa founded the Alianza PAIS—Patria Altiva y Soberana (“Proud and Sovereign Fatherland Alliance”). The movement espouses political sovereignty, regional integration, and economic relief for Ecuador’s poor. Correa, an observant Roman Catholic, describes himself as a humanist, a Christian leftist, and a proponent of 21st century socialism.

During the campaign, Correa proposed a constituent assembly to rewrite Ecuador’s constitution. Alianza PAIS did not run any congressional candidates, as Correa had stated that he would call for a referendum to begin drafting a new constitution. However, the Alianza PAIS movement signed a political alliance with the Ecuadorian Socialist Party, which did present candidates for Congress. On 31 July 2006, Alianza PAIS also signed a Programmatic Political Agreement with the Communist Party of Ecuador when Correa was postulated for candidate for president.

Other parties that joined Alianza PAIS coalition in a runoff election included: Democratic People’s Movement, Democratic Left, Pachakutik, and the Partido Roldista Ecuatoriano.

So, see it is the same old communist tactic. Accuse your fellow comrades of things you lean towards. Obama is indeed fascist, just not in the way Correa accuses him of. Correa and Obama are fascist brothers-in-arms. The Ecuadorian President is projecting his own Nazi tendencies onto the US. We may have a Marxist for a leader, but that is not who America is.


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