American Betrayal – A Book Review
By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton


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I have long admired Diana West. She is a patriot, tenacious, thorough and incredibly intelligent. Her latest book American Betrayal is my second favorite this year, coming in just behind Trevor Loudon’s The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress. But, I’m biased… full disclosure — I helped research and edit the book. 😉

As someone who has researched communists and Progressives for years, I find Diana’s book to be truthful, factual and right on the mark. Frankly, it is a breath of fresh air and those attacking her work either do not know what they are talking about or have another agenda. We have been fighting a war with these Marxists in the US for one hundred years or better. They have infiltrated virtually every office of power, our educational institutions, the media and anywhere they can get a foothold. Behind much of this is Russia and China. The Cold War never ended, it simply shifted.

West’s book is a thoroughly researched, heavily footnoted work that unveils the approach to the Soviet Union by President Franklin Roosevelt and his associates. During this era, the infiltration by communists and Soviet agents was particularly heavy and aggressive. Their insinuation into our halls of power was aided and abetted by politicians that went out of their way to appease Russia, just as they are doing today with Islam.

Diana is not just attacked by the Left and the Marxists, there are many on the Right going after her… calling her a conspiracy theorist and a nut. How very Alinsky of them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Roosevelt was no paragon of virtue and I have been attacked for writing on him in the past. Facts are facts – Roosevelt was a Progressive plain and simple. West’s other crime was speaking kindly of Joe McCarthy. She is right once again. The only thing I will say on McCarthy is that he did not finish what he started. It’s like cockroaches – we did not get all the communists and now they have multiplied many times over. They’ve basically conducted a coup from within our government and are destroying our economy, our military, our very way of life, while coddling our enemies and assisting them in their evil strategies.

Washington DC and US politics has long been riddled with Marxists. They are the ultimate occupiers.

Stanton Evans did a fantastic review of Diana’s book. Far better than I ever could. Here is a taste (then go read the whole thing):

It is for instance abundantly plain, from multiple sources of Cold War intel, that Communist/pro-Soviet penetration of the government under FDR was massive, numbering in the many hundreds. These pro-Red incursions started in the New Deal era of the 1930s, then accelerated in the war years when the Soviets were our allies and safeguards against Communist infiltration were all but nonexistent. The scope of the problem was expressed as follows in an FBI report to Director J. Edgar Hoover:

“It has become increasingly clear… that there are a tremendous number of persons employed in the United States government who are Communists and who strive daily to advance the cause of Communism and destroy the foundations of this government. Today nearly every department or agency is infiltrated with them in varying degree.. To aggravate the situation, they appear to have concentrated most heavily in departments which make policy, or carry it into effect…”

Pro-Red penetration was especially heavy in such war-time agencies as the Office of Strategic Services and Office of War Information, which were thrown together in a hurry at the outset of the conflict, with little thought for anti-Communist security vetting. But the problem was acute also in old-line agencies such as the State and Treasury departments, both of which by war’s end were honeycombed with Soviet agents.( Making matters worse, anti-Soviet officials and diplomats were in the meantime being purged from their positions.)

As you can see, Diana’s research mirrors a lot of what we have been researching on and there is much more on these agencies and individuals in Trevor Loudon’s books.

American Betrayal is a must read. It will open your eyes and allow you to see what has happened in this country as never before. You will begin to understand how we got to where we are today, not only inclusive of communist infiltration and a Progressive/Marxist agenda, but the attempted invasion by Islam that is occurring everywhere you look. The enemies within here in the US might as well be Russian operatives. We are simply lousy in our agencies with spies from Russia and China and nary a word is said on this. Background checks? That’s for white Christians. Everyone else… come on in! Not only are they endangering our way of life, these Marxists are compromising our security and our position as a world power.

Read American Betrayal… it is real history and completely removes the politically correct makeup slap-dashed on Progressive leaders. The enemies within have indeed betrayed America. Simply one of my all time favorite books.


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4 thoughts on “American Betrayal – A Book Review

  1. Awesome presentation from Diana West…lots of information I hadn’t heard before regarding just how deep the communist infiltration is and was since FDR. Anyone with a room temperature IQ or greater is aware that FDR (the darling of Democrats and Communists) was a Progressive.

    The information about WWII was fascinating. Definitely going to buy the book.

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