Will New York Elect a Progressive Marxist?

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
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NYT/Marquette University Archives: Bill de Blasio with Katharine Lewis at a news conference in 1988 held by the Quixote Center, a social justice group, to announce a $150,000 shipment of supplies to Nicaragua and to deride the United States’ financing of the contra rebellion.

What does it say about a major city when the candidates for the Democratic Party are so bad, that the bald faced Marxist looks good? Instead of Weiner (a pervert) or Christine Quinn (a gay Progressive in Bloomberg’s pocket), the Dems chose Bill de Blasio (a New York City Public Advocate and an in-your-face Marxist) — the most radical of the bunch.

Unapologetic and an all-in Progressive, de Blasio does not hide his red leanings:

This morning, during an appearance on PIX 11 news, he was asked whether he was a “radical, left-wing Democrat.”

“I’m a progressive and I’m a Democrat, that’s right,” he responded, describing his philosophy in the tradition of President Franklin Roosevelt. He went on criticize the “wrong, … failed Reagan-Bush policies” of the 1980s and said he was “very proud” to have been involved in work opposing them.

The Republican, Joe Lhota, is calling a commie and commie, which is refreshing and it is about damn time:

The general election reached a new hated phase this morning as Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota charged that Democrat Bill de Blasio’s “tale of two cities” message was “directly out of the Marxist playbook.”

Mr. Lhota had already criticized Mr. de Balsio yesterday following a New York Times report that described Mr. de Blasio’s past support for revolutionary Nicaraguan politics, as well as his desire for a “democratic socialism” vision for society–which Mr. Lhota called “unfortunate.”

But Mr. Lhota doubled down today in far harsher words–calling on Mr. de Blasio to “explain himself” and equating Mr. de Blasio’s views with communism.

“Bill de Blasio needs to explain himself — and explain himself now — to the hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers who escaped Marxist tyranny in Asia, Central America, and from behind the Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe,” he said in a statement.

“Mr. de Blasio’s involvement with the Sandinistas didn’t happen in 1917; it happened 70 years later when the cruelty and intrinsic failure of communism had become crystal clear to anyone with a modicum of reason. Mr. de Blasio’s class warfare strategy in New York City is directly out of the Marxist playbook. Now we know why.”

Mr. de Blasio has a long and colorful Marxist background and he is proud of it:

The scruffy young man who arrived in Nicaragua in 1988 stood out.

He was tall and sometimes goofy, known for his ability to mimic a goose’s honk. He spoke in long, meandering paragraphs, musing on Franklin D. Roosevelt, Karl Marx and Bob Marley. He took painstaking notes on encounters with farmers, doctors and revolutionary fighters.

Bill de Blasio, then 26, went to Nicaragua to help distribute food and medicine in the middle of a war between left and right. But he returned with something else entirely: a vision of the possibilities of an unfettered leftist government.

As he seeks to become the next mayor of New York City, Mr. de Blasio, the city’s public advocate, has spoken only occasionally about his time as a fresh-faced idealist who opposed foreign wars, missile defense systems and apartheid in the late 1980s and early 1990s. References to his early activism have been omitted from his campaign Web site.

But a review of hundreds of pages of records and more than two dozen interviews suggest his time as a young activist was more influential in shaping his ideology than previously known, and far more political than typical humanitarian work.

So, New York, are you going to paint yourself red and go all the way? Will you elect a Progressive Marxist to lead you into a new dictatorial future? Why does anyone stay there any more? Between taxes, regulation and Marxism, New York is beginning to feel a lot like Cuba or maybe better yet, Russia.


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