Lenin’s Heir, Putin, Wants to Regulate the Internet (and Everything Else)

All in your best interests of course.


From Kremlin propaganda station RT:

The new cyber security doctrine signed by President Vladimir Putin outlines cyber attacks as a major threat to international security and suggests to fight it with a special international body to manage the web.

The document that was signed by the president last week had been prepared by a panel of specialists from state agencies and ministries, including the Ministries for Interior Affairs, Defense, Justice and Communications, the Kommersant daily reported. The newspaper also quoted its unnamed sources as saying that the doctrine was prepared, at least partially, in reply to the International Strategy for Cyberspace approved by the United States in 2011.

The main threats mentioned in the doctrine were internet technology as an “informational weapon used for military-political, terrorist and criminal ends” as well as attempts of “intervention into other nations’ internal affairs”.

The last threat is Russia’s own input into the international discussion over the issue. According to Kommersant’s sources, the authorities focused on this problem after the Arab Spring events that again demonstrated the potential of the internet and especially the social networks in launching and directing mass actions and street protests.

Moscow’s approach emphasizes the strengthening of international cooperation and preventive regulative measures that would stop the attacks from happening. The proposed measures include the approval of the UN convention on international cyber security and developing “internationally accepted rules of behavior in cyber space”. Russia also wants to develop an international system of managing the internet and impose an international law that would “prevent the proliferation of the informational weapons”.

Russia’s top strategic body – the Security Council – and main security agencies are now expected to provide the president with their suggestions on particular measures to enforce the doctrine.

Please spare me those naive souls who believe the KGB (now FSB) disinformation that Putin is some white Christian Knight who will save the decadent West from Islam and the gay movement. Putin controls radical Islam. Just like he manipulates Western Christians through his control of the deeply compromised Russian Orthodox Church.

Putin is a KGB trained Western hating tyrant.

From Naharnet 12.12.12.:

Russia President Vladimir Putin came under criticism from rights activists on Tuesday after he compared Vladimir Lenin’s embalmed corpse to the holy relics of Christian saints.

In a Monday speech before a group of supporters, Putin spoke against the idea of removing Lenin’s mausoleum from Red Square in Moscow where his corpse is housed.

“Many say the mausoleum contradicts traditions. What contradicts traditions? Go to the Kiev Caves Monastery (in Ukraine) or look at (Russia’s) Pskov monastery or Mount Athos (in Greece). There are relics of saints there. You can see everything there,” Putin said.

To paraphrase Lenin – “the way to power is to deny your enemy his ability to make decisions in private.”  Any good Leninist, as Putin surely is, would see taking control of the internet as an integral part of seizing power.

Putin’s plans for the internet must be seen for what they are – a Kremlin directed movement towards the world Leninist state.


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4 thoughts on “Lenin’s Heir, Putin, Wants to Regulate the Internet (and Everything Else)

  1. As Trevor’s article paraphrases Lenin -“the way to power is to deny your enemy his ability to make decisions in private”, it made me think of Obama cancelling his meeting with Putin over Snowden. Right away people called Obama a whimp and of course, he is an embarrassment to the USA. Can’t help but think Putin likes this and perhaps it was another means to deny Obama a “private decision”.

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