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Walmart Sues Texas Communist – Will His Democrat Friends Come to His Aid?

Walmart is suing well known Texas communist Gene Lantz. Recently, Walmart served papers on Gene Lantz, a retired Texas union activist, the United Food and Commercial Workers,…

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DSA Marxists Fundraise for John Conyers

Because of redistricting, veteran Michigan congressman John Conyers is facing his first tough race in years. Conyers is a ranking member and former chair of…

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The REAL Congressional Black Caucus

From: Accuracy in Media While there has been a lot of he said – she said about the Congressional Black Caucus Convention last week, it…

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Congressional Black Caucus Stirs Up Race and Class Hatred for Obama

The socialists of the Congressional Black Caucus are touring the country inciting class and race hatred, rallying black support for Barack Obama and promoting antipathy…

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Allen West Considers Leaving Socialist, Racist Caucus

The Congressional Black Caucus has been touring the country in recent weeks, attacking the “Tea Party,” rallying black people behind Barack Obama and agitating for…

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Rep. Frederica Wilson: ‘The Real Enemy is the Tea Party’

NoisyRoom Read more at The Blaze…

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