Keep KeyWiki Naming America’s Enemies, for Only a Few Dollars a Month

indexkw-150x150Our sister site KeyWiki is a hugely valuable resource. One that is being increasingly utilized by researchers all over the world. With more than 60,000 files and 30 million page views and improving every month, KeyWiki is becoming a key resource for those wishing to understand and counter the unfolding socialist takeover of America.

Deliberately hosted offshore in New Zealand, KeyWiki needs sustainers. Hosting costs are a little above average, but we’ve chosen the highest quality, most secure provider available. With basic costs covered, we can devote more time and resources to research and data entry. 2014 isn’t far away. KeyWiki can play more of a positive role, with your help.

To the right of this page is a sustainer button. We’re looking for more people to sign up to support KeyWiki at U.S. $5, $10, $20 a month, or whatever you can spare. Choose your own level of support.

We realize times are not easy for many people right now, but if you can afford a few dollars a month, it will be greatly appreciated.

Times won’t get any easier, unless we expose and remove from office the communists, socialists and “progressives” who are dragging America down.

As an extra incentive, any United States resident who signs up for $10 or more per month, before the end of June, will receive a free copy of Trevor Loudon’s new book when it is released on August 20, 2013.


What are you waiting for????


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2 thoughts on “Keep KeyWiki Naming America’s Enemies, for Only a Few Dollars a Month

  1. Mr. Loudon is a self serving idiot who has to use conflict to keep himself in the news, so his poorly written book, which is full of unconfirmed information, about a subject he knows nothing about, can maybe sell a copy or two. How degrading and sad our society has become that someone like Mr. Loudon, who evidently has fake diploma’s, fake work history, fake knowledge copied from other misguided individuals, to even have anything he has written to be published. Obviously he has not learned that having an opinion does not give him the right to voice his opinion. For as the old saying goes, it is one thing for others to think you are stupid, but quite another when you open your mouth and prove you are stupid.

  2. Get on board the enemy’s are luciferians and there recruiting office is open 24-7 and will take any one even disabled important to get promoted must be able to sin and drag others into it the point I make is stop worrying about secular world we know about the communist long agog as warned by good men long ago and what happened not much so your book who cares very few fewer then before the others warned us every one is selli out God so get Ready the action is going to get worse sins must be punished

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