The Gathering Red Storm

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

It’s difficult to not look at world events these days and feel as though we are sitting on a ticking time bomb. Things are heating up even more and the clock is now at about 30 seconds to midnight.

One wonders where all this will lead… Well, if the current course is kept, straight into hell, probably. That is by design and has been planned on for a very long time.

From Trevor Loudon:

If it comes to war, one joint Russia/China plan is for Russia to nuke the hell out of the continental United States. After Obama has finished decimating what is left of the US nuclear arsenal of course. The Russians will then invade Alaska and parts of Canada, but not the lower ’48. China will then invade across the Pacific. They will lose millions of troublesome young men, but they eventually get a foothold. Then their allies in Latin America will invade across the Mexican border… and the Red Dawn will break.

You can count North Korea in that mix as well. It has always been the plan of the Russians to use Iran as a proxy army to take control of the Middle East and the energy resources at play. But would any of them really come after the US?

The answer to that question is a definitive ‘yes.’ Being separated from most of our enemies by an ocean gives us the illusion of safety, but that should have been shattered after 9-11. However, America’s apathy runs deep these days and most people fell back to sleep or into an encompassing lethargy when a would-be dictator started trashing the Constitution and our God given rights. While we tear ourselves apart as a nation, our enemies are salivating, awaiting the right opportunity to strike.

I contend that Obama is setting us up for just such an attack. And as Trevor Loudon astutely points out, it will most likely come from several enemies at once. With a depleted nuclear arsenal and a massively weakened military, the hour is drawing nigh that an attack will be forthcoming. Think about it… if you were our powerful enemies, what would you do? You would attack of course when your enemy is at their weakest financially and militarily – like right about now. Consider this scenario:

  • North Korea launches 2 or 3 EMPs over the United States with no warning, or so little that we have no time to take evasive measures.
  • Russia invades Alaska and parts of Canada.
  • China launches an attack via the Pacific Ocean with millions of soldiers. The sheer numbers alone would overwhelm our current defenses.
  • Iran, Venezuela and Cuba attack from the South. With a fully open border and with no guard there whatsoever, hordes of terrorists would slash their way through with absolutely no pity or remorse for the bloody trail of bodies left behind.

Now consider if these all happen at once. Not possible, you say? Why not? Both Russia and China have been busy building their military forces up, while we have been scaling radically down in that arena. Iran now has nuclear capability as does North Korea. Aside from the energy resources in the Middle East, what would be the biggest prize ever? Bringing down America, invading her and conquering a once free nation. All our enemies need to do is team up, pillage and plunder, then divide the spoils of war. See Sun Tzu. It would be the ultimate redistribution of wealth.

If that is not enough to haunt your dreams, consider this… What if Progressives made deals for themselves with our enemies while betraying our closest ally? For land, resources, slaves, security, power… No? Then tell me why we are being so cozy with the Chinese, or the Muslim Brotherhood, or the Russians for that matter. With Obama’s reelection, he can be much more flexible. Why is Obama deliberately bankrupting our nation? And why is money massively being withdrawn from our banks? It seems to me that Obama and the Communists are really close in their goals for this country. Just this last week, CPUSA was cheering Obama on gun restrictions.

Remember, Communism as articulated in the various Communist documents, asserts that nobody owns anything – that the group owns everything. But because in practice that doesn’t work, an elite self-appointed overclass takes control and endeavors to enforce the ideals of Communism on the proletariat. Thus, implementing in practice a form of fascism, nominally called “Communism.” The Muslim creeds implement an unabashed fascism from the beginning. So our enemies all have fascism in common. Even those regimes that are nominally Communist, wind up implementing fascism because completely decentralized control doesn’t work when there is no ownership. You see, our enemies have a lot in common ideology wise and they all want the United States’ land and resources.

So, while our Progressives have been calling for the end of the Constitution, the Chinese have been busy buying up billions in real estate here in the US. They are now buying up our utilities and natural resources as well. They are buying up major companies such as battery makers as well. This is just Communist foreplay. The problem with the US is that we are an instant gratification society. Long range planning for us is what is for dinner tonight. Long range planning for our enemies is the demise and conquest of America.

We hear very little in the media about what is facing us militarily. Even Pravda sees more clearly what is going on in the States than many Americans do. As the gathering red storm advances on America, will we react in time to save ourselves? When the EMPs fly, it’s a little too late to rally the troops to our defense.


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25 thoughts on “The Gathering Red Storm

  1. You’re miles away from reality sorry MM – though your faith in US impregnability is touching. I haven’t backed away from anything.

    Google Shanghai Cooperation Organization The Russia/China led political/economic/military alliance. it exists right now, and is hardly ever mentioned in the media.

    Russia/China enmity is a deliberate disinformation meme, designed for Western consumption. Sure they may hate each other, but they hate the US even more. Maybe one day they will fight each other..but only after the US is dead and buried.

    Please do some real research MM, rather than use four letter words to parrot Russian/Chinese propaganda memes.

  2. Sounds amazingly like “George Washington’s Dream”, in which he saw waves of armies attacking from the west, from the south and from the north,….all at the same time. Currently there are more than 50,000 Chinese troops at bases in Mexico and more arriving monthly. There are tens of thousands of Mexican troops massed in Baja right now. It was reported that we have 30,000 Russian Spetnaz special ops troops “training” here in the southwest and will be “hosting” up to 100,000 Chinese troops in 2013,….and this with OUR forces scattered about the planet on more than 900 bases in foreign countries, while DHS is arming a domestic army to take on US citizens. HOW MUCH MORE EVIDENCE is required before we wake and realize we are being set up for a take over?

    1. Sounds like Ezekiel 38.

      This is are the “land of un-walled villages”, not that piece of sand in the middle east with the impostors called “Israeli” (emphasis on “li(e)”).

  3. China and Russia are centuries’ old enemies, they hate each with an unrivaled passion-they share a 5,000 mile border that is constantly in conflict-for what you propose to happen is hardly possible.

    I see how you’ve backed away from the million man floatilla and a Venezuelan invasion.

    Try this, if Russia has such fantastic civil defense, why haven’t they done this? Answer because along with their urban centers, the US would destroy any means that had to wage war-we’ve got 1,000s of guys pouring over satellite intel every day, there’s not a stone they can hide under.

    China needs living space? Wha? They have almost the largest land mass on earth.

    I’m naive? Hardly, I’m real world.

    1. Well, clearly you haven’t done much research on your own, but just take what has been spoon fed to you.

      Communism spread to China from Russia. The Russians helped the Chinese communists win by using their agents in the US government to twist policy that would see that win happen.

      You don’t want to believe they are allied because then all the rest falls into place and you don’t want to believe any of it.

      Sorry, but with all due respect, you are naive.

  4. Very naive MM. This is actually a real plan. Russia and china believed they could win such a war against the united States 15 years ago. The balance of power has shifted in Moscow/Beijing’s favor considerably since then.

    America has a lot of nukes, but so does Russia. American has minimal civil defense to protect against nuclear attack -Russia has very good civil defense.

    China has a huge surplus of young men (due to the one child policy), which is hugely dangerous to the powers that China.

    Obama has commissioned a paper calling for the reduction US nukes down to 292 weapons. I’m told that the US has hardly built a nuclear weapon since 1992. Much of the US’s nuclear arsenal is verging on obsolescence.

    Sure an attack on the US would cost Russia and China a lot of people, but the odds are that they would prevail. Life means little to these despots. Power is everything.

    China wants America for “living space”. Russia wants revenge and world dominance.

    If they had a chance to put the US out of contention once and for all, they’d be fools not to take it.

    Obama, knowingly, or unknowingly, is giving them that chance.

    Call them what you will, but the leaders of Russia and China are not fools.

    1. That is quite correct. Things like this are what people like JR Nyquist have warned about for years now.

      The Chinese don’t care if they lose 20 million. They don’t care if they get hit by nukes. That’s why they have fortified bunkers built for this (and we don’t). They have manchurian chips in just about any electronic product America owns, be it in the military, financial system, vital infrastructure or general public.

      It takes far more than some “post” in response to an article to explain. I’ve been following these developments for years.

      We’re already checkmated but are too busy being concerned about the Super Bowl or following the Kardashians to even notice.

      I’m at the point of not even caring to bother to explain this to anyone anymore. These people don’t even know what they elected in 2008 when they chose Obama. Because he won 2008, he was able to prepare for hijacking 2012.

      Sad but so be it, I say. The cancer must run its course.

  5. I love the military as well, but Obama and the Progressives command the military. Look what happened in Benghazi.

  6. Dear Teressa you have a great gift from God discernment and truth keep following your guardian angel listen to him your articles are on target even according to Gods mother Mary I will pray for you daily and hope you can wake up sheeple mostly the ones who put gold silver before salvation and wanting to know love and serve God

  7. Drug cartels are a whole different story than massing 10s of 1,000s of troops wouldn’t you say? Besides they were “arming” them as a direct attack on the 2nd.

    I have absolutely no confidence in our “government” at the moment but I do have a lot of confidence in our military and there’s no doubt were they to see this gathering storm with no response or plans forthcoming from DC, they would act.

    And they;’d be acting with full support of most or at least a sizable majority of this country. We’re no where near the docile mindset of Europe and our enemies know this. Once unleashed, they know that’s the ball game.

  8. Our government spent over 2 years arming gangs and militants in Mexico. Why would they notice or care? Have they done one damn thing about the deaths on the border? They not only saw that coming, they aided it. They have an agenda that is not in our best interests and you act like they would do their duty. They are more worried about creating chaos than invasion from any vantage.

    As for our nukes, there are plans in the works to get rid of virtually all of them. And look at Obama’s track record. He knew where bin Laden was for at least six months… do you really think the ditherer-in-chief would fire back at a nuke attack? I fear you have way too much faith in the government.

  9. Terresa did you read my post? Yeah there’s armies in South America but they’re going to move to our southern border UNNOTICED? We’re going to sit back with 1,000s of troops massing on our border? Are you nuts? Or “millions” of Chinese will make a 1 week journey across the Pacific? Russia will make a first strike with 1,000s of nuke ready to strike back?

    I’m laughable?

    1. You’re missing the whole, most important point. THEY WANT THEM TO INVADE! Try to get a handle on that, please.

      They are the MOST useful of all the useful idiots.

      1. Don’t even bother trying to convince people like this. It’s a complete waste of time.

        They’re only here to troll, ridicule and mock.

        The tragedy of it all is that they’ll finally understand when they have a PLA bayonet pushed through the abdomen.

        At least Lenin had useful idiots.

  10. Really? Iran has been setting up training camps in South America for years, training thousands of terrorists. Have we done anything about that? As for stopping the Chinese, maybe, maybe not. Depends on how they deploy and if we have the backbone. Your lack of confront and serious analysis is laughable.

  11. What a fucking crock-you think “millions” of Chinese soldiers would be allowed to sail across the Pacific Ocean UNMOLESTED?? You don’t think we’d see them IN CHINA loading onto transport??

    Mexico and Venezuela invade us? They’l move 10s of 1,000s of soldiers and all the necessary support to within striking distance of our southern border and we’re not going to notice??? You’re a fucking idiot to be spouting this crap.

    The first EMP to hit this country would prompt the utter destuction of N Korea and Iran and if our traitorous president refused to act, him and Jarrett would be sharing a lamp post-as they should anyway.

    Obama might be doing his best to decimate our nuclear capability but we have 1,000s of nuclear warheads and Russia knows it-China too.

    All is all, your scenario is laughable, not even worthy of 5th rate Sci-Fi.

    1. It isn’t as simple as that.

      They are here in the US – along with others who hate us. Also, our very government (both parties) has become our number one concern.

      It seems surreal, and that is why it is working so well for them.

      Complacency is killing America.

      1. And yes, there are two hamas (Iran connection – research it) locations just across the US/Mexican border. This is “old” news.

    2. You remind me some conservatives I know who STILL are in denial about the reality of what is happening to the US. Still. They refuse to think the unthinkable, so they ignore reality.

      Just keep waiting to replace these traitors in the next election. But don’t hold your breath.

      PS: I totally agree with you about the lamp posts.

  12. Let us not forget that aside from our long standing bases in Europe and Asia, Obama has our troops scattered across the Middle East and Africa. It would take too long to bring them home to defend us if war was to break out. If anything, it will leave them as sitting ducks when they cannot be resupplied.

    1. Yes, pray for our troops America. They have been scattered dangerously “thin” over Africa and the mid-east.

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