Van Jones: Scalia Wants To Let People Die


Appearing on HBO’s Bill Maher Show Obama’s former Green Job Czar Van Jones attacks Supreme Court Justice Scalia over his questioning in the Obamacare SCOTUS arguments.

Same tired old rhetoric and surprise, surprise! On Maher’s hatefest of a show. It’s Van Jones who wants blood to run in the streets.


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2 thoughts on “Van Jones: Scalia Wants To Let People Die

  1. I am so sick of all the traitors of America getting all the head lines and the real Americans get shut out of the media. This is the new news. Don’t give the real point of view. Just put on propaganda for the left. When will the media realize they are being used? Do you all really think you are going to be rewarded for lies? I would call that delusional and you will have lost. No one will have any use for liars. Wake up media. You are nothing but pieces on the checkerboard. Why not try telling the real truth?

  2. You’re a Pinko Communist Mutha F_

    What do you care about older people? They are only a stepping stone for you to continue destroying the United States.

    Who do you think you are kidding Mr. Jones? Nobody I know.

    Sorry Trevor…hard to keep anything clean when I see his face, hear his tripe.

    This man, alongside Obama and all his other Czars should stand before a military firing squad.

    Traitors of the United States of America

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