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Ted Cruz On Fire! “Slaughters” Chuck Hagel, During Defense Sec. Confirmation Hearings

Texas junior Senator Ted Cruz “slaughters” far leftist, former GOP Senator Chuck Hagel, during Defense Secretary confirmation hearings. If Mitt Romney had gone after Barack…

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Obama and the Communists: How They Censored Their Own Website to Protect the President

The Communist Party USA is very protective of its long time friend and ally Barack Obama. There is no doubt that Obama’s relationship with the…

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Obama Closing Air Defense System on U.S./Mexico Border: America More Vulnerable to Low Altitude Attack

By David Bellow of Texas GOP Vote Air Force’s Air Defense Radar Systems along U.S./Mexico Border will SHUTDOWN on March 15th, 2013 On January 17th,…

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Al Gore and Eugenics

NoisyRoom “I think, first of all, scientists now know that there is, in human nature, a divide between what we sometimes call ‘liberals’ and ‘conservatives,’”…

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